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    I do hope she releases it it's such a phenomenal song
  2. Bonita


    This is definitely one of her most interesting songs lyrically and I can see why it was initially included on Ocean but Candy Necklace does help with the narrative.
  3. We're never getting a normal rollout ever
  4. Let's hope for this friday or next I need this damn song
  5. No way this isn't gonna be a hit honestly and what's funny is she's not gonna expect it
  6. Was the five tracks thing ever confirmed? Maybe i'm behind A&W was always meant to be released but Jack never opened his email until very late when he saw it lol But in regards to LDR10, I'd love to see her pull off a cohesion between the witchy, trap, and american songbook sounds like how she managed to effortlessly do it with Ocean Blvd - if that's the direction the album is heading in.
  7. I'd love it if she includes more experimental songs!!! I remember a number of fans who saw her during Ocean Blvd era praising the experimentation on the album to her face which probably reassured her to do so (after she thought the last three tracks weren't gonna be recieved well)
  8. If the new song is an actual song it's kinda giving album intro - she tends to unintentionally connect her closers with the openers of the following album like with Hope and White Dress and now this one and Taco truck 'cause of the Lake Placid mention and the Venice Bitch call back. More than welcome with wherever it's placed though I don't know if anyone has said this yet but if this song is indeed an album track there's a possibility Zodiac could be included given their experimental natures And yeah can't wait for how this album decides to take shape
  9. Making threads for unknown songs we're so back
  10. Shoutout to all the angels going to the concert who are willing to update us on everything literally y'all rule
  11. Source for the title of the song ladies
  12. OMG IT SOUNDS SO GOOD but i hope the announcement is for something else tho but i'm welcome to this
  13. Bonita

    Instagram Updates

    I've never doubted her and I knew she was no freaking zionist
  14. May all this UV energy seep into LDR10 amen
  15. Back at square one but then again I want her to take her time... but the Lizzy news hmm
  16. To me this is giving NFR! when the album got delayed from March so if anything it's exciting that she's taking her time (I really want her to )
  17. Happy Birthday Ultraviolence!!! so much to say but I'll love you forever
  18. Bonita

    Instagram Updates

    Fishtail YOU will always be famous!!!
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