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  1. The show was amazing, honestly. She was serving vocals now and then, and the atmosphere was kind of mystical: people were quiet + lightnings were popping up in the sky while there was no rain
  2. Do we know who's supporting? Heard some rumours about Rose Villain... and I'm praying for them to be false
  3. I love that country is the last adjective
  4. The audacity of some of you saying she delivered a great vocal performance when she had a laryngites going on
  5. What do you think the reason for her "bored" attitude could be? Just anxiety?
  6. I have a graduation party tonight but she is the only person for who I am happy to wake up at 8 am
  7. I had this dream last nigh where she started the show by recreating snl performance, stage and look. Its gonna be shocking
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