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  1. Is it just me or there is something that reminds of wrecking ball
  2. Malay would make a great producer for Lana... wonder if they ever met
  3. 1. Ocean Blvd 2. NFR 3.Born to Die 4. Ultraviolence/Honeymoon 6.Chem 7.Paradise 8. L4l 9.BB
  4. That's the audio source popping in my tl. It's not that much and probably there are others, but it's growing as we speak https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZGJqTRe1r/
  5. Go Go Dancer has gone viral these days on tiktok, at least in Italy
  6. Just leave Nikki out and it'll work perfect
  7. I'm slowly getting to the conclusion that this might be my all time fav lana's record...
  8. As far as I know its not technically a pit, it should correspond to the front row of the garden. It has also (that what the organization has said) a better acoustic, private bar and toilets.
  9. I was at the one in Milan, oooh the memories... 🥺 Ofc shed be already sold out there or in Rome. But she decided to be edgy af this time... as if she were a local artist (tbh I also love her for these reasons). I'll be there nevertheless, yet Idk how to get back home the same night after the concert. I guess I'll have to stay high by the beach and take the first train in the morning. Also, pretty sure the event does not have any livestream, but maybe I'll try to with my insta for some songs
  10. Here in Italy we're having problem reaching the place. Its a tiny village in Tuscany, absolutely not adequate for such a big artist. Given that she announced it so late, bus companies are not available for that date 🥺 That's the reason why the show is not sold out and many people are deciding not to go.
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