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  1. Fusel

    Billie Eilish

    same, i've also always seen that style of video as a conceptual strength of hers. i remember before chromatica came out i wanted lady gaga to take notes and switch up her old music video formula to something more like this that being said, it wouldn't hurt billie to experiment in that regard from time to time
  2. Fusel


    that was so beautiful to read. had to take several breaks from reading ?
  3. i can’t keep up with her and i love it i can’t fathom that every time she releases an album she announces the next.. productive queen wbk
  4. lbr kids in 20 years will romanticize the fuck out of pandemic aesthetic
  5. wowwwwww had surgery today and i am so grateful to be able to hear this album afterwards i love white dress and the processing of her voice in tulsa jesus freak is just
  6. Fusel


    i am well aware how cheesy this is but I couldn't help myself last night
  7. Fusel


    after crying for hours i went to a friend who also had a deep love for her, it made it feel a little less unbearable don’t know how i would have managed the day staying in my apartment i’m still in shock i hope everyone who has ever been touched by her will be ok and find the strength to cherish and continue what she started it’s only just starting to become clear to me now to what extent she helped build a shared community of lgbtq with her music
  8. Fusel


    i don’t know what to say i can’t stop crying
  9. Fusel

    Instagram Updates

    haters can shut the f up now about her being republican! neoliberal queen
  10. Fusel

    Instagram Updates

    jk rowling came to the rescue
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