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  1. To me, Lost In Translation is neither depressive nor a RomCom (but especially not the latter!). It's a thoughtful movie of two strangers crossing paths and having an impact on each other's lives. The nature of their relationship is also not completely clear and it has an open ending. (In my view, their relationship is affectionate and special but platonic. Idk why people always have to make everything about love and sex.) I'd recommend watching it in full. It also has an amazing soundtrack. Sofia Coppola always has good music in her movies.
  2. ESOTSM is on my bucket list I hope I'm gonna like it, my hopes are high now that you mentioned it here
  3. Oh true Guess my theory doesn't work then
  4. For now the title tracks have been first and second alternately 1. BTD, HM, NFR, BB 2. UV, LFL, COCC, DYKTTATUOB Which means the title track is the first song in the album this time Edit: whatever, BB is 2nd too
  5. If u know u know & if you don't get it then forget it
  6. Tbh I always thought Lust For Life sounded a little too on the nose, or too "flat", whatever. It's the sister of live laugh love. White Hot Forever would have really fit Lana I think. Other than that all album titles are iconic.
  7. Agreed. And I feel kinda bad because I still really appreciate that video. It's more like it's missing something. It's not the length of the video - I watched Ride, Freak and Tropico a thousand times. I also love Candy Necklace and the idea behind the mv but tbh it turned out a little boring.
  8. Agree! A.k.a re-release would have to be original recordings and artwork for me. If there'd be any new element, like re-recordings, new instrumentals or new artwork it'd ruin the entire mood.
  9. "No one's gonna take my soul away" has the same energy as "I am my only god now"
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