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  1. I have to say I listened to this song in a different way. I thought it was about a relationship. With the new visuals I have to rethink the lyrics completely.
  2. A bit off topic but imo Marilyn was not suicidal, at least not when she died Definitely more of a short film to me as well! I wish it would have been even longer and maybe would have included another song. I don't think it's supposed to be the afterlife. I see it as a different reality. The death scene is a what could have happened scenario while the walk of fame scenw is reality with Lana doing well. Veronice Lake. She was a famous 40s actress who died fairly young because of alcohol abuse. She was treated awfully during her career, was called a bitch etc. but today we know she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and would have needed help instead of judgement.
  3. And she really doesn't. Someone already mentioned that the younger fans have no idea about Lana's impact from 2011-15/16. She was so enigmatic and the albums and Tropico really sent you into a completely different world. It was so exciting. To me, all of that is gone. NFR onwards aren't that exciting anymore. I listen to BTD, P, UV, HM to dive into different worlds. If I need some pleasant noise in the background while studying I might listen to the rest. I'm not attacking Lana. I hope she is happy where she and with what she is doing is right now. But a big part of her music and lyrics nowadays just don't hold a candle to her earlier stuff. Which is also the reason why songs like TNBAR (demo though), Bartender, Yosemite, Nectar of the Gods, Living Legend and Thunder (demo though) are album peaks - they weren't written recently.
  4. The concept of "true" and "fake" fans is a bit meh in my opinion. Artists are liked for their art in the first place and not as private people. I admire Monet for being a great painter and still don't care about his private life. Does that make me a phony? Idk nowadays it's like if you aren't interested in every meal and fart of your favorite artist you're "fake" fan. It's interesting to know a bit about her private life and where her art comes from and I really enjoy Violet because of that. I also would have loved to get Behind The Iron Gates. But I don't need to hear it in every song, that's all. I'm not saying she shouldn't write these lyrics, it's her choice. But that true fan/fake fan thing needs to be dropped.
  5. I have many but in general Interview and Rolling Stone just know how to do it in my opinion. Interview Rolling Stone
  6. I really think Lana is Jimmy. Antonoff calls her that. It also connects to the second line of American Whore (I haven't seen my mother in a long long time). Someone probably said this to Lana, either as a joke or seriously, and she's quoting them. Or maybe she's also talking to herself. She talked to her mother on the phone and knew in her mother's eyes she was "fucking up big time". Maybe Lana even agrees. Anyway, that's how I understand the whole second part. Other than that, this song is so deep and dark. The first half especially. It's not a "slutty revenge bop" but I already know some fans are gonna claim that. To me "It's not about having someone to love me anymore" is not about silencing the haters, it's about loneliness or giving up. Together with "When's it gonna be my turn / Don't forget me" that's such a sad thought.
  7. This is really a song you have to process after hearing it the first time
  8. Thank god she didn't end up using that long ass album title wtf She should have used the original cover idea though
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