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  1. banned for having such a damn beautiful lizzy grant era profile pic 😫💓
  2. jimmy necco ur so fine


    i'm literally so obsessed with "Hollywood". arrangement is so minimalistic and sharp, it makes me dance across the room 💃🤩
  3. Sade (born as Helen Folasade Adu) is a Nigerian-British singer, songwriter, musician and actress. She was born in Ibadan, Nigeria on 16 January 1959, at the family of Nigerian economist and British nurse. She moved to England with her mother and elder brother. Sade studied at Clacton County High School and Colchester Institute and at the age of 18 moved to London to study for a fashion designer at Saint Martin's School of Art. After finishing the education there, she was modelling for a little period of time and was a backup-singer with British band called Pride. In 1983 Sade and Stuart Matthewman (guitarist and saxophonist) separated from Pride and formed the band Sade, with keyboardist Andrew Hale, bassist Paul Denman and drummer Paul Cook. Sade Adu signed a contract with Epic Records in 1983 and the rest of her band signed it a year later. The main genres they work with are jazz, soul, sophisti-pop, R&B, funk, latin, ambient, rock, trip-hop and reggae. Albums: 1) Diamond Life (1984) 2) Promise (1985) 3) Stronger Than Pride (1988) 4) Love Deluxe (1992) 5) Lovers Rock (2000) 6) Soldier of Love (2010) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- when i saw that this Queen didn’t have a thread here, i was shocked 😱 this is a topic about her and her band. if you're a fan of them - welcome here 😊 what's your favourite songs/albums? personally i love all their works, but i'm sooo obsessed with Love Deluxe. for me, it's like an emotional portrait of the life of a woman who, at the same time, is painted in cold tones. in fact, it’s better to just go and listen 🥰 in some ways, it reminds me of ultraviolence, but in much more soft way and with afrobeats in some songs my most favourite songs: Cherish The Day, Feel No Pain, Pearls, Your Love Is King, Cherry Pie, Is It a Crime, Jezebel, Never as Good as the First Time, The Sweetest Taboo, You're Not the Man, Paradise, Turn My Back on You, Siempre Hay Esperanza, King of Sorrow, Immigrant, Lovers Rock, Soldier of Love, Babyfather 💙💙💙
  4. this is so terryfying. and the fact that it can be your son, neighbour, student or someone else anywhere near you... why government simply cannot take certain measures against this??? i don’t like conspiracy theories, but maybe it’s to their advantage that people destroy each other, or what? and i just can't understand, how people can destroy CHILDREN'S lives if they do, their souls may be so dark and miserable
  5. oh fu- he's sooooo fire but i just wanted to find out how old is he but google gave me THIS (i know, that's another Jack and he's Donohue and not Donoghue and i'm sorry for this stupid shit BUT HOLY MOTHER) no. really. how old is he?
  6. i see, there's so much comments here about all this awful stuff, that's going on now well, in fact, i'm Ukrainian myself, from Kyiv. i'm now 2 months in Germany with my family, in the safe place. before that, we were driving 5 days on our old car. for some time we weren't eating normally and at any moment, bombs could be dropped on us. and I saw with my own eyes russian planes there's also rumour, that Ukraine was bombing Donbass for 8 yrs and that's not true. we have lots of friends there (my mother is from Luhansk) and they were talking about terrorism from russian "soldiers" like killing civilians because they don't want to get a russian passport. i don’t know what’s gonna happen next. and what putin is gonna do. i'm sorry for cursing, but i'm so f*cking scared about my friends and boyfriend (he's 17), who stayed there i'm feeling so blue, every day i ask myself how this could've happened that's like being violently uprooted and being thrown in acid
  7. well, in one hand, leaks can open some new sides of artist you love, and in most cases it makes love his or her work even more but yeah, if certain artist don't like that people leak their songs i think fans better shouldn't listen to it (at least because of the elementary respect for the content creator)
  8. maybe, releasing already leaked songs is a special pr stunt from her side, imho? but, from the other side, it can have a negative impact on album sales
  9. well, i just asked a question, i'm not shaming anyone 😅 and please, don't be rude 😊
  10. A lot of Lana’s leaked music is on the Internet, and many fans are tempted by it, listening to it, downloading it and sharing it with others. What do you think of this? Do you listen to Lana’s and/or other artists' leaked songs, or do you think it’s unacceptable?
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