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  1. The comment. She's really that dumb, huh
  2. Serving her song titles.
  3. I feel like the majority of my stanning of Lana as of late has been comprised of convincing myself that she’s worth stanning. I have so many fond memories of her incredible albums, seeing her live, meeting real-life and online friends via Lana, but it’s become difficult to hang around seeing her trolling go from harmless and ~*edgy*~ to tone deaf and dangerous. Is it even trolling anymore? Music is the only thing that makes me still follow her, but she has even been highly unprofessional regarding that (Sep 5 post still up, btw). It also hasn’t helped that I’ve had Mariah’s MC30 all year, which has showed me what true respect and gratitude for fans actually looks like. I’m sure I’ll always check for Lana’s new albums when they’re released, but feels like my days of stanning have come to a close.
  4. The fact that I didn’t know whether y’all were talking about her driving, the edited(?) mask, or a new typewriter post I hadn’t seen yet says quite a lot about the instability of this era
  5. This is kind of a brilliant mockery of critics
  6. One quote about being an underdog and y’all lose your minds? Give me a fucking break.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with her posting a picture without a caption to honor him. Y’all are weird.
  8. I’m from the South - I didn’t even notice.
  9. Are we sure that’s him, though. Maybe Charlie?
  10. The part that’s untrue is that acclaim started with NFR. UV made dozens of year-end lists and became widely acclaimed. BTD started receiving its retrospective acclaim pre-NFR. LFL received great reviews despite being her worst album.
  11. Vulture wrote a review dragging her, but there are parts that are wildly inaccurate. They say NFR was her first work to acknowledge trouble in paradise when that’s been a keystone of her work since the beginning. He also claims that NFR was the start of acclaim she has received and she lost it with the IG comments.
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