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  1. I messed it up by choosing both a couple of times but I like these top songs Rank Character 1 West Coast 1 Sad Girl - i messed up it should be 35ish 3 Video Games 4 Shades of Cool 4 Brooklyn Baby 6 Cruel World 6 Ultraviolence - should be about 11 or 12 8 Terrence Loves You 9 Venice Bitch 10 Born to Die 10 Off to the Races 12 Chemtrails Over the Country Club 13 California 14 Wait for Life 15 Pretty When You Cry 15 Money Power Glory 17 Ride 18 The Blackest Day 19 The Greatest 20 Blue Jeans 21 National Anthem 22 A&W 22 Candy Necklace
  2. Her new IG post is a moment in Lana history. Wow, I've never heard her speak about her art so candidly (and in such an articulate manner).
  3. I hate her for that BTD production slander after spending years talking about how it was perfectly crafted. I think she only ever hated the TIWMUG production, IIRC.
  4. Didn't she previously say the production of BTD ended up EXACTLY how she wanted it to sound? fsjknf Either way, the baroque pop meets trip hop production is iconic and was instrumental in altering the sound of popular music for an entire decade. I wouldn't have wanted anything else.
  5. Obviously, but she always dresses like this now was my point.
  6. She's of course still beautiful, but I do miss when her fashion was glamorous and she was very particular about her era aesthetics.
  7. Since Jan 2021 (I have like tens of thousands of Lana plays from before) 1. That's On You - Joyce Wrice 2. Whipped Cream - Ari Lennox 3. Vision of Love - Mariah Carey 4. Slipping Away - Mariah Carey 5. Can't Let Go - Mariah Carey 6. Vanishing - Mariah Carey 7. We Belong Together - Mariah Carey 8. A Song for You - Donny Hathaway 9. Breakdown - Mariah Carey 10. Fantasy - Mariah Carey One per artist: 1. That's On You - Joyce Wrice 2. Whipped Cream - Ari Lennox 3. Vision of Love - Mariah Carey 4. A Song for You - Donny Hathaway 5. Empty - Janet Jackson 6. Home Alone - beabadoobee 7. I Have Never Seen (Love Enhanced version) - Namie Amuro 8. First Snow in Kokomo - Aretha Franklin 9. Quicksand - Hatchie 10. Thoroughfare - Ethel Cain
  8. ilovetati

    Ethel Cain

    Thoroughfare has become one of my all-time favorite songs. I kind of hate knowing that Isaiah literally fucking murdered her, though. I love the song in isolation so much. The beauty in finding love in someone you didn't expect and escaping together. I guess it makes an interesting point about the intoxication of early love that can turn sour/abusive.
  9. The comment. She's really that dumb, huh
  10. Serving her song titles.
  11. I feel like the majority of my stanning of Lana as of late has been comprised of convincing myself that she’s worth stanning. I have so many fond memories of her incredible albums, seeing her live, meeting real-life and online friends via Lana, but it’s become difficult to hang around seeing her trolling go from harmless and ~*edgy*~ to tone deaf and dangerous. Is it even trolling anymore? Music is the only thing that makes me still follow her, but she has even been highly unprofessional regarding that (Sep 5 post still up, btw). It also hasn’t helped that I’ve had Mariah’s MC30 all year, which has showed me what true respect and gratitude for fans actually looks like. I’m sure I’ll always check for Lana’s new albums when they’re released, but feels like my days of stanning have come to a close.
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