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  1. love the video but needed something more formal
  2. she’s too visually intelligent to do this kind of cover off the cuff. it had to have been done like this intentionally; down to earth, and glaringly unpretentious, possibly to match that new midwest sound she’s going for or whatever. i mean honestly this looks like a cover for any run of the mill coffee shop singer in the early 2000’s but maybe that’s exactly what she was going for. doesn’t mean it isn’t ugly as fuck, i’d just like to think there was some thought behind it ?
  3. dumb cunt anyway anyone have the livestream video from chuck? where she was talking and answering questions
  4. i'm honestly in love with the instrumental, and the way her cadence swings from sweetness to fucking schizophrenia. the audio companion was a genius move https://vimeo.com/442223554
  5. ... what other kind of narcissism is there? colloquial? even then, it had to branch from somewhere lmao. feel free to assume what you wish about me lol if only you knew
  6. the DSM is a mere guideline; there’s no rigidity in psychiatry whatsoever. it’s ironic because I agree that it shouldn’t be used as a strict diagnostic tool. my point was that @wittycatchphrase’s interpretation of the lyrics don’t even fall within those guidelines; not even loosely. my advice? don’t be so rude and dramatic with such little information — judgement has no place in any field of medicine. it won’t get you very far in life either
  7. what you described is basically just depression and self destructive ruminations. none of that even remotely describes clinical narcissism though they might have basic (or tangential) elements of psychiatric or pathologic overlap. grab a DSM-V boo and regarding the contrast with the pink dresses? ... umm you’re welcome to think that, but don’t for a moment believe that everyone else needs to be drawing that conclusion lmao again, it’s referencing a real situation involving real (and genuinely narcissistic) people. must i really write more? i can a bit later if you’d like oh. ok
  8. no, i’m serious — what does the lyric mean to you? I think once you attempt to write it out yourself you’ll start to feel the fractures in logic she allowed to be literal lmao. maybe the issue is that you’re unable to distinguish what should (or shouldn’t) be taken as such
  9. ... can you remind me what you think it means again ... ? you’re choosing idealism over realism. both have their place in music but one doesn’t exist without the other. in my opinion, these lyrics call for (and reference) a real situation, with real people. it doesn’t seem to call for an abstract interpretation. of course, none of us can know with total certainty. so to say with emphasis and authority that it ‘isnt’ about azealia is sort of inappropriate without any receipts
  10. why racist? drawing or referencing stereotypes isn't racist. her narcissism has nothing to do with being black -- its a simple signifier
  11. its not. which is likely why it was deemed as simple artistic license by her management. stretching it, perhaps, but within the realms nonetheless the fact that it was preceded by 'shaking my ass' is pretty significant -- there's no denying that, is there? she knew where our minds would go and she left it there for a reason
  12. not all art has to be tasteful. especially when the situation doesn't call for taste i don't 'WANT' it to be about azealia or kanye. but its a pretty substantial reach to suggest otherwise. referring to your inner shadow as 'THAT black narcissist' is beyond ridiculous - in a poetic and semantic sense. there's very little logic to that interpretation and its not at all similar to art deco. this situation isn't vague. and it isn't out of context, considering how the lyrics (and themes) tend to meander. it reads as more of a stream of consciousness, and its likely that azealia was in her mind. it isn't 'beneath' her if azealia were honestly in her thoughts during the process. to edit her out just because she's 'lana del rey' would be pretentious and inauthentic
  13. lmao ‘innocent color’ ... we’re not going to reach an agreement so what’s the point. neither of us will know the truth until (or if) she chooses to address it. no, but really, it’s another example regarding her will (if not desire) to be controversial
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