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  1. https://youtu.be/bksyDaOf29I?si=NSTUaK4cDyJyHL6Q extended Castle In The Sky, because there's no reason why that song should be 2 FUCKING MINUTES. so now it's 4 minutes :). and i tried to make it flow like a natural song. Also extended Feed The Beast too
  2. the more i've listened to the ep, the more it's grown on me tbh. the music is still pretty boring in my opinion, but i can definitely see myself enjoying it when driving. I feel like you have to go in with "braindead slut music" mindset to enjoy it, and if that's not your cup of tea, that's fine, it's truly not that deep to me. I have to say, the visuals have been GREAT. I especially love the visualizers. I really love the ps1 graphic/gta look. The gagging blowjob sounds on Gag On It are so fucking funny, and it really made Gag On It one of my favorites. The worst song is Can We Fuck, and thats only because it was so disappointing, great instrumental, great chorus, terrible everything else, which dampens the song by alot. Slut Pop Miami isn't good, but honestly, it kinda makes it more enjoyable to me, like "it's so stupid, i'm into it". but miss Petras, its time to leave Slut Pop behind us, run over dr. luke with that slut pop miami car, burn it and get back to making music that isn't just for the shits and giggles.
  3. genesisrozie


    my starfucker tracklist with the edition of the deluxe 1 - I LOVE HOLLYWOOD! 2 - MISS BELLADONA 3 - DRAMATIC 4 - MY BODY 5 - MEMORIES OF YOU 6 - RHINESTONE HEART 7 - STARFUCKER 8 - EROTIC ELETRONIC 9 - JAMES DEAN 10 - PURRR 11 - PLASTIC 12 - MAKEUP 13 - GIRL LIKE ME 14 - TEAR ME OPEN 15 - OUT OF TIME
  4. I just listend to Choker, and it might be my favorite Kim Petras song ever made. It's legit pop perfection, and i think it's demo quality adds to the song in a very good way.
  5. So i made my own version of Feed The Beast. From a lyrical viewpoint, and kind of a sonical view too, I like this tracklist alot. I also made extended versions of alot of the songs in Bandlab, because 2 minutes is very short for this type of music (especially Castle In The Sky & Feed The Beast). Even though I still like and appreciate Kim's intentions for FTB, it still feels playlisty, and has plenty of filler songs. If some of the other sessions songs made it to the finale (meaning we have them in high quality and fully mastered), I would put Lolita after King Of Hearts and Try Again after Brrr. If anyone is wondering why If Jesus Was A Rockstar is here, it's because she is the sister song to Castle In The Sky, like look at the lyrics, they are sisters. In kind of the same way Minute and Brrr are sister songs too. Like Minute is the warm sunset, talking about wanting to spend another minute with her lover, sweet and tender. While Brrr is like, that minute lasted a few hours and now they're fucking in his car, while she admits he's not good for her but she doesn't care in that moment (If you you think you're so cold, brrr). And I like that Uhoh is the final track. It feels like she is in the castle in the sky, causing problems and partying hard.
  6. genesisrozie


    unpopular opinon... Slayyyter has no bad songs and it's ok (for us, and her) to have FUN with the music.
  7. genesisrozie


    Rhinestone Heart is my top fav alongside Erotic Electronic and Dramatic. And y'all gotta stop speaking on Ava Max's name. All she do is release cute pop songs and minds her buisness! Sometimes all we need is a cute pop girl who makes cute pop music, and Ava Max does just that.
  8. So I made a version of the tracklist with YTTC & LMB in the standard tracklist. Did this because of the high quality songs posted in the fourm. Honestly I feel like they round out the album perfectly, and add a nice ending to the album. I'm so happy her very stupid label allowed her to finally release this album, sort of feeling incomplete sadly, but out, which is worth it. So happy to have Confession, it's my favorite song on the album. Let's hope TOTL Vol 3 is also on the way.
  9. Made my own tracklist. Ordered the songs by lyrical story & sonic story. I would prefer YTTC & LMB to be standered tracks, but I made them bonus tracks because they haven't been properly realeased yet. Also returned FSN, HIFTB, and Revelations back to their true home.
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