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  1. When all of your manifesting pays off and you single handedly change the trajectory of LDR10 into her most experimental, psychedelic masterpiece and you become the most powerful Lanaboards member of all time
  2. Alright, ENOUGH, it’s time for an insider to spill
  3. Cracking up imagining Lana in her seat listening to this man rail against Spotify (who does suck for the record)
  4. My very in tune natural intuition says lasso is cancelled and she is working on a completely new album which includes Tough🦋 but Henry has been killed and buried 🪦 this is only the beginning of an excruciating album rollout which will rival NFR but gain her insane critical acclaim very much mirroring the success of Born to Die which will reframe her perception in the public eye.
  5. Everything is romantic might be my favorite song of the year
  6. Oh this is sad. Lasso is blonde and gone I’m afraid.
  7. Just remembered that cabaret-esque video her dancers were shooting back in February or January. Some suggested it could be visuals for Coachella but we haven't seen them, yet
  8. I do not even care that it's a fake note, it's SOMETHING during this Lasso news dry spell. Tough out Friday at midnight let's goooooooo
  9. gorgeous where did this come from? I tried zooming in on the phone sticker, I thought it was a police badge at first
  10. I saw Miley is releasing an album soon but won’t put out any singles. Billie and (I think?) Taylor just did this for their new albums. I wonder if Lana would follow this route for Lasso
  11. I'm more nervous about the insiders silence TBH. Where are the teases
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