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  1. Contemplating whether I want a signed card from Lana Del Rey's DAD
  2. Hey guys, haven't been here in a while so I have a question. I ordered the Neil Krug cover vinyl on fnac and there it says they still haven't gotten the shipment from the supplier. I'm kinda worried cause obviously it should arrive here in 11 days. Does anyone know more about that?
  3. I'm literally changing the world" by putting your friends on your cover????? plsss I can't she's so delusional sometimes
  4. I'm literally changing the world" by putting your friends on your cover????? plsss I can't she's so delusional sometimes
  5. Oh nooo.. As a hater of the whole "you don't understand me..." thing I'm so disappointed that she chose that out of all the beautiful lines she's written
  6. The thing that I don't get is... Yes, the rhinestone mask looks really pretty & matches her outfit and I get that she likes it but why doesn't she just wear it ON TOP of a normal mask?? Like all this drama could've been so easily avoided.
  7. October 14th for me! One day before my birthday, so I'll wait that one day to read it as a birthday present to myself.
  8. Is he standing on tiptoe to look taller?
  9. The lip-syncing isn't the problem. Having a foot up on the dashboard, a phone in your hand and looking at your screen every few seconds is. She was on a very curvy road too & all of that is such unnecessary, immature behaviour. But whatever, we can't do anything about it. I just don't think it's harmless or funny in the slightest.
  10. Because by driving like that you can kill completely innocent people who were driving safely. People who smoke willingly take the risks. If it's photoshopped I'm pretty sure it's not the same mask, they look very different to me, but I think it'd be quite hard to photoshop that...
  11. If you look closely it's definitely not the same mask. The second mask has some sort of lining at the top & bottom and the stones are smaller, whereas the lines between the stones are thicker.
  12. The replies are full of whore bots...
  13. It was this exact picture:https://www.instagram.com/p/CDriXOcBDuj/
  14. I honestly expected/hoped Violet would sound like the Ride monologue or the National Anthem monologue. Those two are still so magical and I love listening to them. I haven't listened to all of Violet yet, because I wanted to wait for the vinyl to arrive, but now I'm considering cancelling that order, so I think I'll listen to the whole thing before. I agree, I don't dislike it, but I don't get why everyone loves it so much either. It sounds like she's just telling you about her life, not a poem. So far I like "The Land of 1000 Fires" a lot though.
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