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  1. Let's hope she posts about the book when it releases on Monday & makes an announcement for her next project: COCC. Until then I'll be praying for Byron.
  2. The lip-syncing isn't the problem. Having a foot up on the dashboard, a phone in your hand and looking at your screen every few seconds is. She was on a very curvy road too & all of that is such unnecessary, immature behaviour. But whatever, we can't do anything about it. I just don't think it's harmless or funny in the slightest.
  3. Because by driving like that you can kill completely innocent people who were driving safely. People who smoke willingly take the risks. If it's photoshopped I'm pretty sure it's not the same mask, they look very different to me, but I think it'd be quite hard to photoshop that...
  4. If you look closely it's definitely not the same mask. The second mask has some sort of lining at the top & bottom and the stones are smaller, whereas the lines between the stones are thicker.
  5. Ahahhahaha idk if someone already mentioned it but interview mag posted the cover too and wrote in the caption that they wanted to do the reveal next week "but the Lana Del Rey stans got to it early" so that's why they're Posting it now
  6. "Lana, did you tell your fans you were releasing an album on September 5th?" Lana:
  7. Team Cocctober today and tomorrow, watching your mental breakdowns:
  8. 12:12 is the average song length on COCC, we love to see it.
  9. I genuinely prefer the album coming in Cocctober because it'll be her first October album & it's my birth month. So then we'll have an album for June-October. Pacific blue can come in May/November 2021. June: Ultraviolence July: LFL August: NFR September: Honeymoon October: COCC If she messes this up and releases it in November I'm suing!
  10. So if it were up to some members in here we'd get an album full of songs we already have?
  11. They already collaborated last year, let's hope they'll release it on their new album that's coming out on the 25th!!
  12. BUT HOW SOON IS "SOON"? Why can't this woman be clear for once The look is better than everything I imagined tho!
  13. People seem to forget about stuff like that pretty quickly, just remember how quickly everyone went on to cancel Doja Cat after Lana was "cancelled". Now everyone has forgiven Doja, or Cardi who drugged & robbed people, Nicki who defended her husband raping someone (he pled guilty), 6ix9ine making child porn. So very very popular people have done much worse & barely anyone even cares anymore. Most people will probably barely remember and even less care about Lana's cancellation by now.
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