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  1. This, you wouldn't recognise it though really but the production is from little cut up and distorted parts of Summertime Sadness Remix so technically it wouldn't exist without Lana.
  2. Shocking, Israel just claiming anything happened instead of admitting they were shooting them. See the guy who they drove over in a tank and squashed into the ground as well, he still had the zip tie on his arm showing they had him as a prisoner and just done that on purpose.
  3. Barry

    Instagram Updates

    Im against Israel but I don't care about any boycott's, I feel they are completely pointless. The people are already multi Billionaires and the game is already over.
  4. Quavo gifting her one of those old fake chains they used to wear 10 years ago
  5. Barry

    Taylor Swift

    How is that Cruel Summer song so good, I feel like I recognise it from 10 years ago or something, sounds familiar and addicting.
  6. I feel it's good because it's real and it's mostly just regular people with no help making it on their own, thats probably why it's influential as well as to make it you need to be a bit different and for your personality to be part of your music so theres a lot of variety. People also listen to what is relatable to them I think. There isn't many songs like this for example outside of rap that a lot of people relate with
  7. Me and Bobby McGee In the lyrics, using a guys name, random places like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, describing clothes like red bandana, the blues, singing with a guy. I feel like she has many songs like that.
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