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  1. Probably just genetics, humans are just another animal. Apes and Monkeys are likely the same way just they don't have weapons and even other animals mostly males are more aggressive and genetically the odd males will be even more crazy and violent than the rest. Sheep, Cows, Reptiles and everything in between males will fight to the death. It's something nothing can ever be done about as those types of people will always exist, in America though if less people had guns then the violence would be far less and much less stuff like this would happen.
  2. If he doesnt tweet the videos of songs Many Men by 50 Cent or 100 Shots by Young Dolph or walk out to them at his next appearances like this, then he is actually old and done and not the same character he was 5 year ago.
  3. I wonder if Trump actually got shot then, I thought he may have had his ear cut when they piled on him. They said also others were wounded now.
  4. People forget that these guys are useless and it's all fake really. Companies are pulling the strings and have everyone caught up in politics like it's a sport with teams as a distraction, thats what I think anyway. People are actually going out voting for people they don't even like cause it's their team even though they don't even like their own team or think they do anything good they're just scared of the other team winning and they keep voting even though they know they are making no impact to actually change anything.
  5. Raises questions about the JFK thing, how did he get hit 3? times while in a moving car but this guy couldn't hit anything even with a full wall of people behind him One of them can't be real, either that guy never shot JFK or this guy wasn't shooting in that direction.
  6. A guy on BBC news said he was watching the shooter and trying to tell the police about him, said he was on a roof with a rifle and he was shot in the head when he started shooting.
  7. They should pull Biden immediatley before he goes on stage somewhere and says something like "Listen I want to win this election but I want to send my best wishes to JFK after the shooting incident last night that should never happen"
  8. It is a pretty good photo to be fair, deserved a better person to be in it though. It does look like something out a movie.
  9. I used to watch Finding Nemo all the time, i've probably seen it 100 times so i'd say that, recently I always watch Minions the first movie and Puss In Boots the Last Wish with a 5 year old and i've probably now watched both of them about 20 times each fully and they don't really get boring either lol Other than that I barely watched any movies in years and I rarely ever watched any multiple times unless it was years apart.
  10. Ultraviolence Honeymoon Norman Fucking Rockwell Beautiful Thugger Girls
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