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  1. I listened to 310 artists this year, 103 new artists 115 genres, 36 new genres Top genres: rap trap pop emo rap houston rap Top 5 tracks: Mollygurl - Lil Durk (Total Streams 68) Invincible - Pop Smoke I Been Drinking - Future Money Power Glory - Lana Del Rey Fucked My Way Up To The Top - Lana Del Rey 16,405 minutes of listening I have good taste and I'm a game changer My top decade was 2000s (Most Listened song from then Through The Wire by Kanye West) I'm in the top 0.5% listeners to Lana. I spent 3,505 minutes Top 5 artists: Lana Del Rey Lil Wayne Future Young Thug Pop Smoke
  2. Barry

    Lil Wayne

    No Ceilings 3 came out, The "A" side anyway and it's so good, his first collab song with Young Thug on it for like 6 years He raps over the current #1 song Mood, Takeover by Jay-Z, 3 Pop Smoke beats Dior, Shake The Room and For The Night, Sicko Mode, Life Is Good, Murder On My Mind and others. He also has his 3 sons on it, they have one song each - Lil Tune, Young Carter and Young Kam Karter.
  3. Barry

    Grammys 2021

    They should split things up into more categories as certain types of music shouldn't really compete with each other. They seem to categorise Jazz, Latin and Gospel music well as there is 11 different Album awards for those 3 styles with them breaking them down into different categories yet they group Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B and Country into only 7 different Album awards, 2 for Pop, 2 for R&B and 1 each for Rock, Hip-Hop and Country. The "Alternative" award is also a weird mix and shouldn't be a thing. There could be like Contemporary, Traditional and Alternative Pop, Country, and Hip-Hop. As those types all have a more old school style, a more modern style then people who kind of do it but do it differently. The Rock award definitely could be split up into about 6 or more different categories as they have everything together in that Muse, My Chemical Romance, Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen competing together. R&B they also have too big a mix for there only to be R&B and Progressive R&B as they are putting Funk, Soul, old R&B, new R&B and then like The Weeknd which is more of an alternative R&B into just 2 things.
  4. Barry

    Grammys 2021

    They shouldn't really mix recognising popular music and "quality" music together, they should come down on one side or the other but because they don't there will always be outrage how someone who made really popular music or someone who made really good music got snubbed when they year before or year after they did the opposite. So it's just luck. Rap Album nominations always sum it up, they used to only really nominate more classic sounding rap albums and ignore more pop/mumble/trap ones. The first time they really nominated a non "good" rapper was Iggy Azalea in 2015, since then they also nominated Migos in 2018, Cardi B (who actually won in 2019), Travis Scott also in 2019 and 21 Savage in 2020 so they do recognise pop/trap/mumble/"cheap" hip-hop yet this year they ignored it all even though in 2020 the two best selling albums are both rap albums by Lil Baby and Pop Smoke and went back to nominating all only old school classic type rapper music even though none of their albums were even slightly popular.
  5. Barry

    Grammys 2021

    I'd guess Dua Lipa will win as I see and hear her everywhere, she is very heavily advertised and has been for a long time. Taylor Swift has won before and is already massive and Post Malone is also, the other people nominated don't seem like they are big enough stars where as Dua Lipa winning would put her on a closer level to the other big people and be big promotion for her.
  6. Barry

    Twitter Updates

    Cause she's just a glamorous person. In all seriousness though she has made it clear who she voted for, she posted pictures congratulating them. Retweeted things saying it's a great day, one of them congratulating the other and old people crying happy at the result. Also on the mask thing I don't really care wether it had plastic or not, it was stupid of her knowing she is famous and people would talk about it negatively but thousands of celebrities are out there partying every day, going to islands, performing in clubs and doing what they want so are millions of regular people. Tthe people that went to the book signing likely didn't care either as they went somewhere knowing a lot of people would be there as well, so if they didn't care why should anyone else.
  7. The counting of votes is a joke, 3 whole days and still counting should have been finished 2 and a half days ago
  8. Fuck King Von just died after being shot a few hours ago in Atlanta, had been listening to him a lot this year 2 of his best friends were also killed at the same time after a shootout with people from the NBA Youngboy/Quando Rondo crew. Going to be a lot more shootings after this.
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