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  1. 5th Anniversary of Beatiful Thugger Girls, I remember listening to this on the day it came out mindblown as I never heard anything like it before.
  2. Barry

    Dua Lipa

    I like a lot of his songs and most of his albums, my favourite two are Beautiful Thugger Girls and Barter 6 though. I even like a lot of his little stupid songs like this
  3. This aged well lyrically, when King Von said "Im a cowboy, my glock sing like Ann Marie" the lyric was really only because the singer Ann Marie's boyfriend was the rapper Calboy. Then 2 months later she shot somebody so it added extra depth to the "my glock sing like Ann Marie".
  4. I used to listen to new albums every friday when they came out, not all them but ones I think that maybe i'd like, some people I heard about on here as people other Lana fans like and then mostly hip-hop. I got into a lot of new people from it and a lot of songs i'd probably never have heard if I didn't. I think older albums already released theres too much to pick where to start that it puts you off, so would be better starting with new albums.
  5. Barry

    Dua Lipa

    Im a fan of him but he's past his best, his best was probably 2012-2018. His absolute peak 2013-2017, since then most of his songs are plain and more commerical sounding, he went from saying weird stuff and weird voices and multiple flows per song that birthed 100s of rappers to then trying to sound more like guys he created because they became more successful.
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