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  1. The 5 songs I play the most are Sunday, Yosemite, Salvatore, Money Power Glory, FMWUTTT and Gods and Monsters
  2. How was Prince releasing songs like this at 20 years old "I was only 16, but I guess that's no excuse My sister was 32, lovely and loose She don't wear no underwear She said it only gets in her hair And it's got a funny way of stopping the juice My sister never made love to anyone else but me She's the reason for my, uh, sexuality Showed me where it's supposed to go A blow job doesn't mean blow Incest is everything it's said to be"
  3. Barry


    It's a great album i've never listened to a Beyonce album before but wanted to see what this is like and it just sounds like a big album the whole way through all the songs even though I don't like a lot of them and probably wouldn't listen to them again other people will like them I think. The interlude things with Willie Nelson and Linda Martell worked well I though as well. I liked Daughter, Tyrant and Sweet Honey Buckin the most, Ya Ya and Amen also then Flamenco, Oh Louisiana and Desert Eagle even though they were short. BigXThaPlug should be on Sweet Honey Buckin. Even the songs I didn't like that much, that I might not play again I thought they were quite good, I also thought it got better and better the longer it was because you got used to hearing the style of it and even though it is that long by the end I could have listened to even more songs It's going to be massively popular, wouldn't be surprised if 10+ of the songs ended up on the radio all the time.
  4. Signing a letter isn't really a big deal, it's stupid and pointless but I doubt she actually supports Israel or even paid much attention to the letter. These "letter" type things should never be taken serious as you have to wonder who is behind them, proabably some powerful figure in their circle and then they feel like they need to agree to so they don't get blacklisted. It's not like individuals have gone out their way to support anything on their own or talk about it or actually do anything, like all the celebrities on the list probably not even 1% of them ever acknowledged it or posted about it or nothing or have even likely said anything about the situation the whole time. Ideally you would like to be a fan of celebrities who you like outside their work as well and see as good people but it shouldn't really matter anyway. If they were bad people then it would be hard to enjoy them still but I doubt Lana really is, just a bit stupid and easily taken advantage of. If she was coming out in support of Israel with her own opinions and stuff then that would be different.
  5. Theres too many good lines in this song
  6. Her face is saying these drunk people are annoying me, im too sober to be here, im definitely leaving after this photo.
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