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  1. this is honestly one of the best pc drops in years... its giving 2016-2019
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL8m_vK3WgA new heavy snippet? idk who posted the original story or if this is old lol... i have not been this excited for a charli song since crash era...
  3. we're truly living in the renaissance of charli leaks... we haven't had it this good since like 2017... between all the stuff that leaked this past week + this, spring breakers, come with me still to come.... we're so used to giving but now we're getting to receive!!!!!!!!
  4. come with me (full) leakings are when........?
  5. spare come with me, barbie girl (final), whip it and spring breakers EP? a 4-song serve a la vroom vroom?
  6. its actually amazing........... pause.... and im seing her on halloween like this is going to be a literal COLLAPSE
  7. loooove your idea and so sad i can't get to nyc to attend but also gay people stay in math class challenge... baby 9-12 is three hours
  8. why is it kinda good........
  9. more excellence omfg... the snippets/songs shes been playing live lately... we are truly in the midst of a charli circa 2017 unreleased renaissance..
  10. ok 1. how have i never heard of bullets???? does anyone have a link? 2. where did y'all hear that there are 6 easyfun EPs coming out.. anyone else praying for this classic?
  11. feeling feral for charli leaks/new songs that i haven't felt in 5 years....
  12. do we have any full videos of either spring breakers, barbie girl, and make you mine? or just the snippet/fckyeahcharli videos
  13. how long have been BC kingdom been saying this shit? 4 years? 5? 6? it's ridiculous and honestly now that SOPHIE has passed it just seems kinda insensitive and disrespectful... we really dgaf if the music comes out or not but if you say it will then fucking release it
  14. haven't really been keeping up with leaks... are there any songs from the album that are unleaked or are they all already known
  15. omg the drought is over... i feel like it's actually been years since we've gotten a real leak
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