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  1. i fear it may not even be in her top 50 unreleased.......................
  2. I saw her last summer in London and other than the fact that she was like 3 hours late the show was pretty flawless, from what I recall at other shows she was similarly late but also had a lot of technical issues and would have to cut the sets short
  3. do we have this in full....
  4. 6??? wait can you list these please... I think I'm missing a few...
  5. it's actually better than i expected... the SOPHIE sample (i believe theres only that one pots and pans noise used repeatedly in the song?) makes it a bit cringe but the overall melody/beat isn't bad... does anyone know how sampling like that works? does SOPHIE get any credit if the production uses one of her splice samples? or is it basically publicly useable and therefore there's no actual connection to sophie?
  6. i neeeeeed a full video of track 10 in brazil, she looked SOOOO good and cunty
  7. i remember mine was come to my party and i IMMEDIATELY collapsed... then i proceeded to download all the live recordings from sxsw and the exchange LA shows from a russian leak wesbite and the rest is history...
  8. if you listen around the 1:16-1:24 time you'll hear theres another layer of harmonizing synths during the post chorus which i find makes it so much better i think there are also additional synths thoroughout the chorus and maybe in the verses too, idk it just sounds glossier and more upbeat but its true that it is extremely similar to the final
  9. is sorry if i hurt you!! absolutely!!
  10. the only leaked version is what i'm assuming is the final version (which hyd performed in june in london) is https://dbree.org/v/3b44c7 the demo is the soundcloud link i posted above
  11. sadly no (but thank you!!) there was a demo that her/hyd would play in like 2016-2019ish, its pretty similar but there were different/additional synths especially at the post-chorus and it just sounds so melodic and fun i wish it would leak for context
  12. shes releasing a whole album with other sophie collabs i only recognized so clear and living for you on the tracklist but im sure several if not all are sophie produced no sign of makeover though...... SO SOMEONE LEAK THE DEMO PLEEEEEEK
  14. the intro on her official facebook...... this is such a mess
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