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  1. even without the leaks, an album announcement 6 month before release???? for a small artist???? it's rly strange, even most big artists usually announce around 2-3 months in advance... it seems like it was initially a super strange decision and now that it's leaked i really don't understand why she wouldn't release it ASAP. it's not like she's on a major label and this release would conflict with others big releases? i get that maybe she had an album rollout planned but she's already got 3 singles out, just release the album and keep giving content over the next few months while people enjoy the album! i'm sad bc the longer she waits, the smaller the impact of the actual release will be
  2. it's actually insane like she literally only mumbles a few words and it makes for SUCH an amazing song
  3. 2 new charli songs coming in the very near future we are happy
  4. makes me so happy that artists are able to still share sophie's talent with us, as horrible as this has been, i hope other artists follow suit and bring more of sophie's creations to us (with proceeds being used for donations being a huge plus!)
  5. over this! might be her best song ever imo, i CANNOT get it out of my head
  6. picturing the fastest pizza delivery girl outfit/aesthetic................ we were robbed omg, it would've been amazing
  7. there's a snippet on dbr*e, it sounds AMAZING nvm it just leaked..
  8. i think everything leaked except for over this! now... also, does anyone know what this is then? https://dbree.org/v/5fe4e5 bc it definitely is not the butterflies that leaked
  9. on another note.... the leaks are SO good........... like i was kinda scared bc I HATED the first 2 singles and was scared the rest of the album would sound like that but it's literally amazing...
  10. I think the only good response to an album leaking is to release it ASAP, the longer they wait, more and more people will spread the leaks and less people will buy/stream if they have to wait til june.
  11. I wonder if any of her SOPHIE album has already been recorded? I know they worked together briefly during Charli era but I wonder if they've worked together since. Would be incredible but also so heartbreaking to hear the last of their collaborations together if they ever get released
  12. I've been thinking about this as well, also been thinking about what a song dedicated to SOPHIE would sound like (especially lyrically) ugh I think it would be so beautiful and emotional
  13. everything sounds SO bland and uninspired in comparison to SOPHIE. i've always found since i become a huge SOPHIE fan in 2017/2018, "normal" music has never really given me the excitement/satisfaction that SOPHIE/charli/PC music's has, but I feel it more than ever right now...
  14. is there a source that specified it was from a tree? i've only read that she "slipped and fell" but there was never an explanation of where she was
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