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  1. whenever i see y'all post in this thread i always pray its bc someone finally leaked the demo of makeover and then i'm always emo when it isnt that
  2. both setlists absolutely amazing...............
  3. is anyone else going to the koko show alone and down to meet up :0 i have a second ticket if anyones looking (oomf flopped)
  4. what do people think she'll play at the summer shows? going to the london show on the 16th and if she doesn't play lost in my bedroom or voices carry im gonna be so emo (yes i am a dreamer!)
  5. well.... who gon' leak it? or at least do a remake and add the extra synths
  6. idk though because the first version she ever played (i think) listen from like 1:10 - 1:24..... like i NEEEEEEED THIS VERSION
  7. yeah we do i have no idea why i wrote that.... i meant to say makeover demo LMAO
  8. let's start with OOH demo pleeeeek
  9. sorry if i hurt you not being a single/not getting a music video/not being on the setlist............. WHERE IS THE NEWS AND THE MEDIA?!?!?!?!??!
  10. yeah... i commented that and he liked it like 20 mins later.. but he might just like all the comments on his pics without reading them lmao omg also my misspelling of lightening is killing me
  11. idk how to add a photo directly on LB but look what just happened https://imgur.com/a/4inQA1c
  12. crying because neither grins NOR sorry if i hurt you are on the setlist... two of her all-time best paid dust
  14. neeeeeeed deluxe tracklist.. NOW
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