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  1. the robyn parts are so uncomfortable but the yung lean parts are AMAZING. this would have been a 10/10 remix if it was just charles and lean
  3. the instrumental for human is sooooo good but im sorry WHY is the vocalist giving us NOTHING
  4. does anyone have any masterpost/zip file of everything that leaked this week? im like crying throwing up shaking trying to make sure i hear everything but these dbrie titles are so messy idk whats what
  5. WHY DID SHE JUST TEXT ME SAYING "see you tn?"
  6. real angels remember the drought when all the exchange LA songs leaked EXCEPT HBHG and we had to wait an extra like 2 years... it was worth it though
  7. got floor for $135 after taxes and fees ... we won
  8. spiralling intro reminds me of old sophie (2013/2014).. i love <3 but i'm kinda sad though bc imo So I is the most underwhelming song from this era... hoping the album version is better in other news..... BACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTOBACKTO
  9. accidentally bought an extra NYC ticket if anyone is looking jfdgahjksdfgkaf
  10. i can haz "?????" HQ in my DM's plz? can't stand the LQ recording of the vinyl...... ????? is the superior release of this era so far i fear.... mod note: do not ask for download links to officially released material. user was warned
  11. this is one of her worst leads...... its so repetitive and doesn't really build (maybe i just feel this way bc of the terrible teasing for weeks) every other snippet/song shes performed sounded more interesting sigh regardless i feel like this will be one of her best albums!!!!
  12. this is actually insaned.... charli is her most uncohesive messy album with a bunch of walmart version pop2 songs... like maybe her worst album... (era/tour was fun though)
  13. anyone else miss the eh eh ex c ex tag from N1A/Pop2 era that was in almost every song? it was always the funnest part of the song finding out where it would come up and it kinda felt like a little shoutout to the angels... we be the ones screaming it the loudest at the shows
  14. COME WITH ME IS AI?????? it sounds so real (and so amazing) omg
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