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  1. honestly think this might be her best project... each song is incredibly unique and infectious and sounds like nothing else that any one is putting out.. oh my god that shit caught me off guard i did not expect it i was chillin at home....
  2. lock things down baby lock things DOWNNNNN, you need to lock things dooowwwnn. now why did charli have to cover one of my fav songs of all time and make it even better?!?! i physically cannot stop listening
  3. did we ever get an hq version of 90 on the freeway (the version she played live) or do we only have the remakes?
  4. neeeeed makeover final with the additional synths over the hook (see 1:16-1:24 from this clip) literal perfection.
  5. the taxi stems..... i'm not even a stems gay but oh my lord.... the detail, the quality, the sophie-ness...
  6. its actually crazy that this era is like ... a real era lmao. like this is the first time since sucker that we get a real album rollout with singles (that are actually cohesive), artwork, videos, tour dates, preorder, etc where it wasnt all haphazardly done last minute.. we had to celebrate
  7. i hiiiiighly doubt she'll play out out on tour, she's literally barely acknowledged that song it's 100% just a lil cash grab radio single for her that she doesn't care about. i predict unlock it, claws, vroom vroom, gone, visions. praying for some pop2/n1a deepcuts/NO ANGEL/true romance sprinkled in but not getting my hopes up
  8. not completely sophie related but adjacent-ish: does anyone have an mp3 of doss's new song 'cherry'? it's amazing but i'm an apple music guy
  9. for those who already purchased, how much were tickets?
  10. do we need to pre-order or just pre-save the album to get the presale code in north america??
  11. in other news, the structure and outro of the claws demo is so much better than the final version :'( i hated that noisey ass mess of an outro on hifn
  12. if she stays with atlantic after all these years she'll actually be the biggest dumbass ever....... they are 1000000% incapable of preventing this girls music from leaking. even if producers/collaborators/hackers are being blamed at the end of the day its the labels responsibility to ensure that nothing leaks or gets spread...
  13. lmao ok true experimental isn't the word i was looking for, more so just uncommon since i don't think a ton of artists mix orchestral instrumentation or strings with house or electronic music, like the only other artist i listen to who does that is bjork
  14. her previewing these songs for us when the album isnt out for 4.5 months is actually cruel......
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