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  1. Was there a 3rd snippet? Where did this line come from?
  2. RideOrDie on ATRL just said Sky Ferreira is gearing up on releasing a NFT. Thoughts? Hopefully the NFT is music related like Lindsay Lohan
  3. I feel like that can be said a lot of times in this thread…
  4. No one is trying to cancel Sky Ferreira you buffoon
  5. The Blue Lives Matter patch I need a full 360 of this jacket, I wonder if it can get worse
  6. A shame My Molly is seriously one of her best. Ariel also worked on Mashocism tracks, we need them. preferably in a way where he gets no $
  7. Really loving tumblr and Sky Ferreira pseudo grunge style Anyone have a ID on this sweater?
  8. I- Nothing suggests that she was recording “cake walk” in these. It could be any unknown crybaby song.
  9. Function - https://onlyfiles.io/f/daf82759cd3241aaac8d3542cf00cde1 Under The Desk - https://onlyfiles.io/f/5c3046a3d1734a118309846278a4cf89
  10. Good thing both songs aren’t Keenan prod
  11. Girl… that’s nicole scherzinger. take a listen
  12. Allie X needs to collab with Nicole Dollanganger
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