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  1. i became a fan after paradise, this was my first album rollout experience from her :’)
  2. anyone got a masterpost?
  3. anyone got an updated ariana one?
  4. can anyone say about how long her merch takes to ship? i’d like to know before spending $90 on a hoodie when im traumatized by lana del rey stores
  5. i’m pretty sure we’ve done this for years, reaching out to older fans 😭 it’s not resurfacing any time soon
  6. me when i hate the planet
  7. courtney weird af but live through this best album ever made
  8. yall know it’s not byron’s fault right? LOL he’s played with her for how many years??? the sound guy is 10000% getting fired the minute her set is over.
  9. has anyone got a st vincent one?
  10. wow i can’t believe it’s the birthday already. i remember searching magnet links when it leaked LOL. this album changed my life probably more than any of her albums, i was going through something horrible and she said everything i needed to hear. this album became a soundtrack for my life when it was released and i needed it bad.
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