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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGx3cuEHxe1/ > dunno why it's not embedding but here's a post about the dress on this account. It's vintage but maybe you can DM the OP to get more info on it or if they'll sell anytime soon
  2. this is my absolute dream --- plus it's perfect for the spooky season also at like 2:35 ish can u imagine Lana's wailing vocals there She held me spellbound in the night Dancing shadows and firelight Crazy laughter in another room And she drove herself to madness with a silver spoon
  3. Bro vampires.... I’m gonna lose my mind once COCC blesses my eyes and soul also 10/10 I’ll have to paint vamp Lana no excuses
  4. I still haven’t forgiven him for what he did to How To Disappear
  5. Ah! Thanks so much, It's great to also find someone else who loves Belladonna of Sadness! A masterpiece really This is such a pipe dream but I would love to see an animated LDR music video in the same psychedelic style of BoS
  6. I'm living how we've kinda come full circle now. But I really enjoy how this genre of music suits Lana's voice. Hoping this collab is either on COCC or the sound is similar to what we'll hear on the album
  7. Been a little swamped but I finally watched the LMLYLAW MV and some of the hate I saw on twitter for this was so unwarranted (especially from ha fans... so mean.. you can not like something she releases but to be like super rude about it and not even in a joking manner... just unstan). Sure she's a big artist and is expected to release high budget videos but the homemade one was legitimately cute and heartfelt -- compared to the NFR trilogy. I definitely can feel what she's been going on about wanting to share more of her personal life w this video, it felt like we were watching random snapshots from her life. Which I enjoy, it has the same vibe as the Video Games MV but more sincere and happy still excited to see what the high budget videos will turn out like
  8. @LanzDelRey we lowkey owe u and the thai insider an apology sorry for doubting u legends </3
  9. To me it kinda felt like a cross between NFR & I Talk To Jesus but not as emotionally impactful —- but more like too cute & sincere to hate it
  10. Just listened to the track and in general I like it But I can’t believe COCCtober lowkey won
  11. Ben really let her put out that ugly 20 minutes picsart graphic design is my passion photo as the cover art ... I had more faith in you king
  12. This was awwwhiiilllleeee ago but Mackenzie was like having an emotional breakdown and taking about the size of her shits on live and someone asked her about COCC and if it’ll drop soon. She said that it wasn’t coming as far as she knew.
  13. The only person we can trust this era is Mackenzie Stith Remember when we all doubted her words that COCC wasn’t coming anytime soon ... and it turned out she was right They hated Jesus Mackenzie because he she told them the truth
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