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  1. cherri

    Instagram Updates

    I hope this means more Barrie songs cropping up in the future
  2. I’ve missed all of you lovelies too <3 happy to be back! Hope everyone here has been staying happy and healthy in the meantime!!
  3. This album is so good, had VERY low expectations considering the singles + leaked songs but she made it work some way… Completely blew Chemtrails (and to an extent— NFR) out the park for me. No more Jack Antonoff albums One of my favorite LDR albums to come out since like Honeymoon
  4. cherri

    Line vs. Line

    all that's real to me is marilyn & jesus jumping off of bridges sparklers & streamers, honey i wanna fly, i wanna fly, i wanna fly vs met him at the club singing love songs he says, “are you famous?” i was once a b-movie actress has been, that never was he knows that it’s love
  5. So no album announcement, BOZ saying it’s not coming any time next week and Ben confirming that the album isn’t even finished yet all on the last day of pride month?? Homophobia.
  6. I’m fed up with Lana and her spur-of-the-moment-that-never-come-to-fruition dates not mad, just disappointed. Actually, I wouldn’t mind the constantly changing dates if she updated us once in a while. Like random snippets and what not. The radio silence besides the hbd posts just makes it unbearable. I hate some of y’all for complaining about her spoiling NFR because she kept teasing us now we only have our delusions, crumbs from insiders and the occasional Mike Dean tweet to keep us company
  7. She’s channeling Stephen Gammell’s illustrations for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark season of the witch on BB confirmed? at this point I wouldn’t even be mad if the album cover was of Jack eating a sandwich or something
  8. HELP No but you’re absolutely correct. Her merch now gives me very TJ Maxx surburban mom bargain bin vibes This 100%, she should definitely utilize the beauty shop on LDR village. I’d love for her to release a fragrance themed for the album (all the her released albums if I’m being honest). I will never forgive Gucci for taking away that possibility from us I want my LDR branded perfume!!! Paint and brush set so you can have your very own blue banisters to match I love the idea of her releasing friendship bracelets considering the concept of sisterhood/friendship has been such a forefront in her music lately ❤️
  9. I was excited to think that we finally had some news or insider info. Instead I see infighting and Beyoncé slander. Never change Lanaboards. Anyways what kinds of BB merch are we looking forward to? I would like a calendar but for each month’s artwork it’s just thee selphie edited. How fun would that be? March could have Lanprechaun & December would be Lanta Claus ect
  10. I know I’m not the only one who thought of this ancient edit someone crop this and slap on a parental advisory sticker ASAP
  11. I didn’t think of it until now but will she use that selphie for the back cover as well It would be funny
  12. I agree but I think she already used this for Chemtrails promo! inb4 she takes recycling to a new level also there should be an “insert image from URL” button! Click that and copy + paste your Imgur link! If you’ve done it correctly, the link will have a “.jpeg” at the end!
  13. This is gorgeous! Speaking of portraits I think Lana should commission Joan Baez to paint an album cover Considering the Diamonds and Rust reference and her lyrical approach lately has been very poetic (VBOTG’s cover art) — I would be here for it
  14. I hope BB’s official album cover is just that car selfie but it’s made up of tiny versions of the same picture ... a mosaic serve
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