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  1. cherri

    Olivia Rodrigo

    not the scat gifs pls god
  2. seems like the design (minus the ‘Venice Bitch’ logo) originated from ksubi https://www.ksubi.com/us/womens/ksubi/short-sleeve-t-shirts/call-paradise-tiny-t-shirt-worn-in-white-5000001782-010 (no longer in stock) You can find other websites with a quick google search that have Lana’s exact design but they all seem really shady/scammy, so I wouldn’t recommend that (and checking on scamadvisor to make sure). I think her shirt was custom. Or photoshopped to have the ‘Venice Bitch’ logo.
  3. cherri

    Azealia Banks

    The taxidermists are screaming you don’t boil the flesh off to get the bones omg she just destroyed them. Plus it doesn’t clean the skull fully, ik there is still some chunks of rotting flesh in the crevices... poor cat
  4. cherri

    Instagram Updates

    now why she got a lil southern twang in her voice
  5. cherri

    Twitter Updates

    Ben’s gotta change her password or deactivate her twitter account for awhile and hire PR team while he’s at it. I feel bad for Lana since as other users have said, she seems to be in an insecure place at the moment. These paranoid, kind of manic tweets just make me worried for her. She has got to stop reading articles about her or random hate tweets.
  6. I still want some banjos incorporated into any song on the album But not the average hillbilly yee haw yippe kay yay stuff — something haunting and longing like this. If Jack were to serve something like the vid below I’d forgive him for the hate crime against How To Disappear .
  7. cherri

    Azealia Banks

    Wasn’t her cat dead for months, and then she stewed it... the rotting cat... I can’t imagine the smell of her house combined with the chicken sacrifice closet
  8. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve listened to Chemtrails since it dropped... it is just that good to me. You’ve got to admit Jack snapped this time Also made me appreciate LMLYLAW a lot more
  9. The studio version of the Chemtrails was so soft, beautiful and serene. Delicate and gorgeous, if not a little heartbreaking but in a happy way I loved it as soon as I heard it. BUT THE MUSIC VIDEO — BRTHR came through and scalped all of us with that ending... It reminded me a lot of that scene in Trick R Treat where all the girls transform into werewolves while Manson plays in the BG .... omg it was a serve. But seriously,,,,, everything was so well done! Her best music video me thinks ...
  10. me resisting the temptation of the leaked MV by reading your spoilers
  11. inspired by @SweetHenny Trying to save COCC's album art
  12. I can’t even defend ha for that comment underneath the COCC reveal — it’s so delusional QFTC 2.0 tier at least the back cover is pretty but why is it sepia when the front is b&w
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