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  1. I said that because of what that poster has said about the Israel/Palestine situation. Israel has a few of them, according to some sources, including Israeli officials
  2. Israel has the same plan. If Israel is on the verge of defeat - even in a non-nuclear war - they would use nuclear and thermonuclear weapons to drag everyone else to hell with them.
  3. 1. A LOT of people cared about Palestine. Some since its (Israel's) founding as an ethnostate and some over the past few decades of Israel stomping on Palestine's neck. 2. You don't need to be "permanently online" to know about this conflict 3. Nobody is expecting celebrities to END the war, what we're expecting is that they don't do things to further the Zionist agenda along AND don't try and benefit monetarily from an ethnostate. Also celebrities contributed to the end of the South African apartheid regime. (They didn't bring it about on their own and people in South Africa did much of the work, but celebs brought the cruelty of that regime to the world.)
  4. tbh Taylor needs to quit being selfish and think about the good of the damn planet for once. idc who is using her jet, it should be grounded.
  5. what's wrong with Stephen Colbert? also I love Ben and Jerry's but the prices are always wild. Even for "normal" flavors.
  6. here's a really good Telegram thread chronicling the war in Palestine. note: it is antizionist (which, to me, is great; but i know we have prozionists here who might get bent out of shape over that.) https://t.me/PalestineResist
  7. baddisease

    Song vs. Song

    Terrence Love You vs. Some Things Last A Long Time
  8. we needed uplifting news imo! I was being serious. But I'm going to assume it's unhealthy based on this response.
  9. baddisease

    Nicki Minaj

    I deleted the fake screencap. I don't like her or her husband but I don't wanna spread wrong info.
  10. can the Security Council oust the USA? there's legitimately zero point to the USA being on it, since all it wants to do is use the Council to further its Zionist political agenda.
  11. While I try to maintain a stance of prison abolition (I can suggest some books about it!), this case makes me struggle to believe in it. Hate crimes need to be treated as terrorism cases imo.
  12. MARSHMALLOW SKYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I WANT THIS! Ben & Jerry's Is Bringing a Fan-Favorite Flavor to the Freezer Aisle for the First Time (msn.com)
  13. baddisease

    Nicki Minaj

    Even if I were a fan of hers, I still would have posted it. I wouldn't post something like that even though I don't like her if I knew it was fake. I'm not trying to argue, if you want someone to pick a fight.
  14. baddisease

    Nicki Minaj

    Here in this thread? Or here on LB? My point was to warn people if they were going, we have minors here IIRC.
  15. baddisease

    Nicki Minaj

    i didn't know it was fake. i saw it (with the markings) on fb.
  16. baddisease

    Nicki Minaj

    Edit: it was fake
  17. she lived in New York in 2001, right? I've heard of strip clubs "accidentally" hiring minors or hiring people with fake IDs.
  18. We know she had a legitimate problem with alcohol and other drugs. It's possible she did SOME form of sex work to fuel it.
  19. could the media be using their dead name? a lot of trans people are murdered and their dead names are used instead of their actual name.
  20. Oklahoma non-binary high schooler dies after physical altercation (losangelesblade.com)
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