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    i'm so late but yes. i completely agree. It was kinda ummm soulless, which is really sad. She sounded amazing but barely moved during the whole video. I was so frustrated watching LOTP, one of the most energetic songs on Cape God, being sung by Allie sitting still for 3 minutes... if I had known that she would later give it for free for Christmas ummm I would've saved my money
  2. exactly. What was fun about Marina was that she built an entire world around her music and implemented so many elements on her eras up to the point that they felt really vibrant and vivid. Now it's like "oh cool new music" and that's probably where it ends :c yeah BTD is really great but it's just like FN, it has a strong distinct sound and a bunch of songs attached to that sound with no storyline whatsoever...
  4. Gone user

    Charli XCX

    girls night out is filled with such a vibrant energy. I love that song so much I hope she doesn't take it out of the setlist when the pandemic ends and she does live shows again, I've been waiting to hear it for such a long time ):
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANCING QUEEN ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ It came out as a single 44 years ago
  6. Gone user


    The fact that she has consistently created musical gems for years. Of course there have been moments in her career where I have felt like she was changing her direction too drastically, or moment when I felt like she was starting to lose me, but I always come back to her with all my heart I'm so happy to be her fan and to be able to enjoy her music, because she's a genius
  7. Gone user

    Melanie Martinez

    I remember the week prior to the release and how excited I was. The Instagram video snippets, the Tumblr Q&A, the mass upload to SoundCloud the day before, the Sippy Cup photoshoot, the excitement and the whole vibe. Even tho many things changed after the allegations, the hiatus and the disappointment that came with K-12, Cry Baby was and is still a very inspiring album, and it's very close to my heart There's so many memories attached to it ♡ So guyssss, what's your favorite song from ittttt? Mine was ALWAYS Training Wheels, but I dedicated it to someone horrible and ruined it so... it's probably TYI now LMAO
  8. Gone user

    Melanie Martinez

    Happy birthday to the Cry Baby album! It came out 5 years ago ♡
  9. Gone user

    Charli XCX

    Set Me Free appreciation post
  10. Gone user


    Definitely agree. Something is just, WOW, what an album, it's filled with gems
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