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  1. I do but LB is so good these months it won't let me upload anything or even put likes to threads
  2. Someone commented on IG with "She will bring it out in September!! On it are 13 new songs with collbs! you will see more information about than soon! I only say look at Boston"
  3. As long as they release worthless CDs and not pretty well done gatefoldy vinyl pressings, my bank account is totally safe and fine
  4. Omg this. I'm a variant collector so my bank account is still crying, but at least she doesn't release 'limited for 48 hours' variants just to fool people who are delulu and pay like 3-4 different shippings
  5. Nah it's not about being mature, it's about dealing with physical and mental health and people my age dying around me, so I'm more into BB/Ocean blvd piano ballads instead of "money is the reason we exist, everybody knows it it's a fact kiss kiss"
  6. I love how y'all became toxic only cuz I asked a genuine question I was joking guys, I listen to BTD every day 24/7 cuz I'm not a true fan if I don't
  7. Am I the only one not listening to BTD that often anymore? I just can't relate to it anymore I still cry listening to The Grants and Ocean Blvd
  8. I'm gonna see her in Milan on June 2nd, I'll try to scream and ask to her if she can give us a snippet of Lasso first single ft Nikki Lane and Asap Rocky
  9. I just wish she does a nature-related album ft AURORA one day
  10. Who's this Wally guy and what post r u talking about Who's this Wally guy and what post r u talking about
  11. Yeah it's gonna be a cover of Hold Me Closer but with Nikki Lane, Quavo, Myah Marie, Zella Day, Weyes Blood ft. A little bit of Lana Del Rey vocals from 2007 slowed+reverb
  12. I wanted a pic of her with Gaga, FKA and Zendaya
  13. Omg I'm so happy I can finally go to sleep after watching Lana dressed as MJ on Scary Movie 3 I love her sm
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