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  1. I was hoping for that as well but imagine a 7 minutes long track pressed on a 7" 💀💀💀💀💀
  2. I'm still hoping for a 12" picture disc tbh
  3. That's also why we need to win! To see what these people (who maybe have also purchased 4 Candy Necklace PD just sell them through a "i'm moving and I need to pay rent 😞🙏🏻" facebook post) are gonna say about it after they literally wasted 30 seconds of their life by saying mean stuff to something so beautiful and artistic she made for us and I'll wait lots of ukulele apology videos (iykyk)
  4. This is free hating tbh. I love the whole mv and the idea behind it
  5. marcodelrey


    AURORA needs to stop, my bank account is still crying since last year 😭 (also Sigrid 🥲)
  6. if I win I will give it to my bestie who lives in the US since I live in Italy and already got my copy ✨ You're best!
  7. You're awesome! Well, I would say Cherry or Change
  8. Omg is it gonna be a QFTC book world tour?
  9. I think it's When the world was at war etcetc
  10. I'm glad about that bestie 🥲🤍 but srsly she needs to stop, I have nothing left from my paycheck every single month cuz of her
  11. Selling waffle down the Taco TrUuUuUuUuUuUck, pass me my vape, I'm on my shift, that's why I've been fired
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