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    Lana, Fossils, Geocaching, Movie Theaters, Texas, Camping, Metalsmithing, Chainmail, California, Archeology, Music, Videogames, Travel, Road trips, Popcorn, Flea Markets, The Ocean, BBQ, Museums, DVDs, Vinyl Records, Food Trucks, Mexico,and hanging out with my babe
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  1. I would be freaking out. Stay safe sis! Practice extra hand washing and try not to go out unless needed Stay safe too! I hate knowing y'all are so close to this I have the flu as well (Not Corona) and work at the registrars of a University. People are acting like I'm the walking black death.
  2. I just about spit my matche late and throw my Jojo Rabbit blueray reading this. I couldn't imagine being a fan and seeing sis out an about after canceling a show due to being sick. I'd cry but then laugh and offer sis some coffee.
  3. My second "shot" was sarcasm, not myself objectively claiming the word. I didnt think it would go over anyone's heads, but well, WHAT can ya do?
  4. It's not so much Lanas anttics that crack me up. It's the fanbase. Especcially those who believe they understand the political opinions of others fans.
  5. It has been absolutely hilarious to read this thread in the past 2 days. These people triggered over poetic word usage is the best.
  6. This please. The more that I look at him the more I feel like he probably smells like canned ravioli and feet
  7. I still dont know what the fuck I just watched. I'm considering pouring myself a cold beer and going to bed.
  8. You do realize your just going to get warned again, right?
  9. I love him. Best boyfriend since Barry
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