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  1. He sounds like an asshole. He wasn’t even @ so why respond so rudely? That behavior is very unbecoming for anyone over the age of 14.
  2. Honeymoon as an album showcases more lyrical growth than NFR As a narrative NFR is her most cohesive album Blaming Jack/Chuck/Neil whomever for the aesthetic choices that Lana makes never makes sense to me BTD is her worst album cover
  3. I think Lana has watered down her craft to appeal to the critics. Roses Bloom For You sounds pretty much like everything from NFR, I don’t see why people want it so much. If you look at Candids from 2020 and her recent photoshoot with Neil Krieg, you can see how ‘touched’ those pics are. Lana is nobodies feminist so I wish when she says something dumb on Instagram, she wouldn’t follow up with “It’s because I’m a woman isn’t it!”
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