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  1. I'm making a 2020 playlist on Spotify(titled MMXX just to be edgy) and need new music recommendations. I've tried "fans also like" surfing but there's never enough (especially because i listen all day everyday while working). Albums I have so far: Allie X- Cape God Alma- Have You Seen Her? Charlie XCX- How Im Feeling Now Chloe X Halle- Ungodly Hour Dua Lipa- Future Nostalgia Green Day- Father of All.. Haim- Women in Music Pt. III Halsey- Manic Hayley Williams- Petals for Armor Kesha- High Road King Princess- Cheap Queen (Deluxe) Lady Gaga- Chromatica Lennon Stella- Three. Two. One. Phoebe Bridgers- Punisher Poppy- I Disagree Rina Sawayama- SAWAYAMA Selena Gomez - Rare (Deluxe) Plus a bunch of random singles. Can anyone recommend any songs released in 2020 (and on Spotify) that they love please
  2. I first discovered Michelle Branch when she appeared on One Tree Hill and sang Desperately and The Good Kind Live with Jessica Harp (They became The Wreckers), i used to listen to those songs so much when i was younger lol. I stan her version of Radiohead's Creep, i heard it on the TV show Stalker and fell in love
  3. The very first second made me think of Wayamaya and that part of My Song 57 "We're gonna listen to the beach boys..." idk why
  4. Now I just Get High ? oh I just shazamed it and it came back as Wild One like Color Blue does. Oops Guess that means it will be on NFR then?
  5. I go on away for a week and we get 2 leaks, a snippet, V mag news and Met speculation. (yes i did read through 30 pages on this thread) Who wants to take me on vacation for a month so NFR can drop? EDIT: My bad, the snippet was Now I Just Get High which is from Color Blue, both of which Shazam as Wild One.
  6. Yes! What if we get a pop era of Paris, Puppy Love & Queen of Disaster 2.0s with some Be My Daddy and Go Go Dancer thrown in for good measure. Then she would’ve come full circle, IIRC So Legit was her pissed that big ballad Gaga stole her pop scene right?
  7. how did she go from Satanic Bible Reading, Witchy aesthetic to bible thumper? maybe she sold her soul and wants it back anyway, name Lucifer, Lord of Light, your one king daddy in the north Alexa play Axl Rose Husband/Body Electric Mashup
  8. The first episode was set up to reflect S01E01 so much, it was almost supposed to lull us into a false sense of security. Plus after all the near-miss reunions Arya had (Her father, Her mother & Robb, Sansa at the Vale) its kind of nice she got her reunions with the people who made her (Jon, Gendry, The hound). I agree the episode was underwhelming, but it made moments like discovering little Ned Umber so much worse. Plus everytime they set up Jaime to be a HeroTM they need to remind us that he pushed a kid out the window (and/or raped his sister) ^^ I agree, I assume the actual catching up happens off screen and we're just given the witty one liners. Otherwise what else are they doing with all the time on their hands. Little Ned Umber, got on a horse and rode all the way to Last Hearth, while the dead marched all the way from Eastwatch, to LastHearth, killed him, and marched back to CastleBlack, with enough time to display his body before the rest of the nights watch could find him. Plus Jaime made it from Kings Landing to Winterfell in record time too. (I expect the same speed from Theon in the next episode). Most people dont even know whats going on and probably spend half the time on their phones. I had to have most cringey conversation with my dad, to explain how Jon and Dany were related lol Imagine how confused people will be if they do reveal that Tyrion is the 3rd dragon. No wonder each newspaper has written 30 articles each and A Wiki of Ice and Fire was down for a whole day
  9. in b4 the 450 documentaries and the BBC adaption of Hunchback of Notre Dame we'll get before NFR
  10. You are. It was a joke, referring to 2:53 into The Weeknd song that has yet to be released
  11. Figured out why the album is late https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/game-of-thrones-season-8-weeknd-sza-travis-scott-new-song-hbo-a8858931.html?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1554651553 Lan’s is still buds with the Weeknd right? Expect to hear her whisper “dragons” at 2:53
  12. Yes. I have. just wait til you’ve finished book 5 and have to join the ranks of the dead, and wait a thousand years for winter to come *cough* I mean GRRM to release the 6th book like he’s been teasing for 10 years. If you thought this Era’s draught was bad for Lana Stans lol but anyway (not bitter or anything) I’m super glad the show is giving us the ending we deserve. i thought the books were really good and loved all the hints and red herrings and foreshadowing that has lead to some of the best fan theories of any fandom. There’s a few characters from the books that I’m sad didn’t make it into the show though . hope you enjoyed my vague/spoiler-free ted talk
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