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  1. I'm so glad "You & Me" is getting some love, I adore that song
  2. A lot of people are talking about the drug lyrics and how everybody makes memes about coke and sugar daddies and stuff, but I think that the people making these memes forget that music has different meanings to different people. I don't do drugs, but lana's music about drugs affects me very personally bc I have/still am struggling with a behavioral (rather than substance) addiction, and her songs make me feel heard and understood.
  3. Lol mine is actually pretty close to yours, with the exception of Sweet Carolina bc I skip a lot of songs, particularly Beautiful, Arcadia, VFR, & BB. I love NOTG & LL, I just have them on a different playlist.
  4. I feel like the album's flow/transitions are kind of weird, so this is how I've been listening to it 01. The Trio 02. Black Bathing Suit 03. Beautiful (Strings Version) 04. Arcadia 05. Violets for Roses 06. If You Lie Down With Me 07. Dealer (feat. Miles Kane) 08. Thunder 09. Wildflower Wildfire 10. Text Book 11. Blue Banisters 12. Sweet Carolina
  5. Wasn't jack somewhat involved in the production though, just not as much as the rest of the album? I don't love the song, but I do like it bc of the vocals. The production could use a little extra something though imo.
  6. Blue Banisters update plus with a slightly different method - instead of just using the top 9 tracks from each album, I thought it'd be more accurate to add them all up and use the averages Paradise: 30.7 Born to Die: 34.7 Ultraviolence: 36.3 Honeymoon: 54.2 Lust for Life: 57.6 Blue Banisters: 76.5 Norman Fucking Rockwell: 86.1 Chemtrails Over the Country Club: 92.1 BB ended up pretty much where I thought it would, but I was a little bit surprised that Paradise went to the top, but it makes sense bc I feel like it would be my favorite if it were a full album rather than an EP
  7. Ok so I like creating playlists but I'm kind of unsure of how to arrange this one. I had a Chemtrails playlist that I want to combine with Blue Banisters but idk about order. Any suggestions?
  8. This was such a cool idea, so I tried it too! My ranking was actually pretty close to what I thought it was, except that I usually have Paradise & Honeymoon tied and COTCC & NFR are switched. Born to Die - 107 Ultraviolence - 121 Paradise - 278 Honeymoon - 314 Lust for Life - 364 Norman Fucking Rockwell - 672 Chemtrails Over the Country Club - 721
  9. So now that UFB leaked, I'm not sure where to put it on my Melancholia playlist, where do you guys think it would fit? 01. Angels Forever 02. Yes to Heaven (V3) 03. Sad Girl (Demo) 04. Black Beauty (Demo) 05. Beautiful People (Demo) 06. Ultraviolence (Demo) 07. Wait for Life 08. Fine China 09. Cherry Blossom 10. Living Legend 11. Nectar of the Gods 12. Is This Happiness 13. I Talk to Jesus (6:04)
  10. "Not all those who wander are lost" is from lord of the rings, which I find kind of interesting bc she's never seemed to show any interest in it. Idk what the wanderlust thing is all about or how either of them really tie into the rest of the lyrics though, she probably just thought that it sounded nice or something. Also I hate jack too
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