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  1. michellebranch

    Taylor Swift

    Does anyone know where this Taylor’s Inner Circle website went to?
  2. Not Sky Ferreira asking her fans on Instagram to donate for her cousin when she didn’t even bother to answer a single fan question about her career in more than 10 years. The audacity.
  3. Thanks for clarifying that is was AI. Sorry for the confusion. It’s scary what technique can do these days
  4. Ditch that Bitch just leaked on dbree. I don’t know if it leaked before but I think some people here craved it?
  5. Bumping this back to page 1 for them haters 😘
  6. Fyi the untagged version of Descending has been up on dbree since December 22nd
  7. I think you’re allowed to do re-recordings after 15 years
  8. They both look like drag queens
  9. michellebranch


    The album has L-worded
  10. Who will have the first post on page 800?
  11. She really forgot, what a troll
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