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  1. Has anyone outside of Australia purchased the AU exclusive store poster? I want one so bad but don't want to end up having my order cancelled or w/e
  2. Was just about to say this!! Especially with the necklaces, now I don't need to worry about buying one from her official store as the person who makes them does custom ones and I will probably end up ordering a custom A&W one
  3. https://shopau.lanadelrey.com/products/did-you-know-that-there-s-a-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd-digital-album-poster New poster but it says "Available for Australian customers only" my delulu ass needs it EDIT: It will let me enter my NZ address at checkout but I want to make sure it will ship here, has anyone ordered this outside of Australia?
  4. I caved in and bought one from a depop seller, at least it was cheaper than ebay scalper prices
  5. I literally cried I wish I was joking, now i'm almost about to buy one on ebay for $200 unless someone can please help omg
  6. If you weren't mine (Get high), I'd be jealous of your love (Drop acid) If you weren't mine (Never die), I'd be jealous of your love (Not tonight, bang, bang)
  7. the new merch are you fucking serious,, like ok don't take all my money for that tank top and hoodie
  8. Update: Looks like my threatening email scared them and I got my refund finally (just appeared in my bank statements while I was on the phone with my bank provider) But I did send another email saying how awful their customer service was since they couldn't even be bothered sending me an email back that they FINALLY issued me my refund and I will never order from the Canadian store again
  9. I have never experienced such awful customer service like this, here is the emails that was sent and received if anyone is interested: My first email contacting them after getting the cancelation email + the email that the CD was shipped; Then they responded with this; My response to that email; I got the email that the CD was shipped to me so I sent them another email; They responded with this; Waited 3-5 working days (still no refund to be seen) so I sent them this; Still no reply so I sent them another email; So there. They had their chances but I'm not getting an email back from them and still no full refund to be seen so I'm done and contacting my bank provider. Never had to do this before in regards to an order online and I have ordered a lot of shit online. The communication from Aliexpress sellers is literally better than this, I have no words.
  10. Still no refund, time to call my bank provider, will keep updating on the situation
  11. I feel like out of all the stores the Canadian one is the absolute WORST. I was told on the 9th of March that I will receive a refund within 3-5 business days (I demanded a full refund and made sure to say it was false advertising so I wanted the FULL refund) sent them another email yesterday because no fucking refund can be seen and if I don't get an email by tomorrow I will get my bank provider involved as I already called them and asked if (worst case scenario I don't get my refund) if they will open a dispute with the Canadian store which they will, because paying $125.05 NZD for a fucking CD is ridiculous. I was willing to pay that for the art card but not a CD on it's own. Never purchasing anything from the Canadian store again; so utterly disgusted and disappointed with their customer service. This has been by far my worst experience purchasing LDR merch. Also, I'm now starting to wonder if the COCC signed lithos and art cards were real signatures because I had no problem receiving a signed litho and art card from the COCC era. If anyone knows anything please enlighten me because I am genuinely so confused. Edit: I wonder if we all send a very polite message to her Honeymoon IG account about this she will do something? Maybe I'm going crazy
  12. I got one from them last year, 100% recommend!! Really high quality too and the customer service is beyond amazing
  13. Canadian store is so fucking incompetent I want to rip my hair out. They did not answer my question at all about a refund but instead said something about my order being processed yet it was cancelled um???? I contacted my bank who will literally make a dispute with them if I don't get my money back ($125.05 to be exact)
  14. Canadian store just fucking "refunded me" for the signed art card +CD but instead they just charged me twice ($125.05) fml. I don't think we will be getting the signed art cards, ever.
  15. Ok so when do I ask for a refund because I need this signed art card... a bitch can wait but if they are lost imma
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