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  1. I am so pissed with newsstand cancelling the order, if anyone finds another way to get their hands on one in the UK can you let me know?
  2. Just here to say I will actually be a doctor in about a year so I know what I’m talking about when I say barttttender you’re an idiot and a piece of shit.
  3. You’re not alone ! I’ve always wanted her to cover this
  4. SURELY it can't be coming June 1st?? I mean I've still set a countdown on my phone but....
  5. I’m so annoyed about The Guardian review and the fact he calls her “Del Ray” at one point
  6. I received my HMV vinyl and CD with the Neil cover today in the post but no shipping notification from Lana’s actual store. My friend had his order cancelled today so I’m worrying!!
  7. Anyone know what UK stores might have the magazine? I kept refreshing newsstand looking for it to come up and then all of a sudden it just jumped straight to sold out which was annoying
  8. I have been so busy with uni stuff this past year, but been trying to keep up here. I have returned and logged in to say something revolutionary: holy shit how is this era so dry.
  9. I can't believe I still haven't listened to it. I left my house and came in uni EARLY so I wouldn't be tempted. I kinda just want to wait until I'm home for the weekend and go off on a drive in my car and listen to it there alone. Is everyone who has listened to it liking it so far?
  10. Everyone has their price. Offer sexual favours to an employee in exchange for smashing the box open.
  11. Same haha I just cried on the phone to my boyfriend for 10 min and nothing....None of my friends wanna either. I'm dumping them alllll!
  12. I'm trying to find ANY bitch willing to come with me. Why does she have to give such short notice omg does she not know people work??
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