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  1. I have opinions. Some of them are in agreement about things I like. Some of them are about things I do not like. People tend only to notice when someone isn't just drooling in rapturous accord with everyone else and lose their shit when they read something they don't like. Welcome to 2020, where people have become so hypersensitive to words on a screen, it makes them apoplectic with rage.
  2. Hmm...the idea of hearing her do another collab with that fucking gimp Abel, does not spark much joy. Florence-if-I-just-scream-really-loud-maybe-nobody-will-realise-I'm-a-tuneless-harridan-with-a-face-like-a-shoe-Welch can fuck off too. Can't stand her or her various weird trouser suits. All her songs sound like a goddamn whitey. Those lyrics do seem way too simplified to be the real deal, but I can't help but be reminded of 'Because Of You' (prob one of my favourite Lana tracks ever TBH) and the lyrics in that probably inspired the person who wrote the Angel City ones: I was a young girl, selfish and wild, Like a fire in LA. Hot like the summer and mean like a child, Who keeps crying till she gets her way, (Like a true star). There were roses in my hair, Rock and roll and blaring, I was in trouble, No one could rock me, like you could, I was a bad girl gone good. I mean, I ain't saying she definitely didn't write the Angel City lyrics, but I will piss myself laughing if they turn out to be legit and everyone's already dragged them to hell and back before the song got airplay...lol
  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. Maybe pearls are just a big thing in the fashion world this year.
  4. Random thing found on pinterest. I can't figure out how to embed stuff because I'm a frickin' boomer, but it suggests that the gloves she's been wearing in the recent photoshoots (the big old pearly octopus tentacle ones) aren't something she's had commissioned but are part of a larger couture collection by Francesco Scognamiglio. And if that's the case, I wonder if she's going to be wearing any of other stuff by him for any of her visuals in upcoming era. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/421227371402434834/
  5. I'm saving my 'American law being a natural offshoot of British common law', 'the cultural necessity of reform from within Islam' and 'd e m o g r a p h i c s' for when shit gets really boring after the album fails to emerge around January.
  6. I think someone a few days ago said that the vinyl for Violet is a sort of darkish green, so I doubt that she would go for something too similar for COCC. I'm in the 'pearlescent' camp. Would make perfect sense what with all the pearls cropping up in her photo shoots. Can't decide if there will be red highlights (like the colours in the car shoot) or if it will have blue/grey on it like the other photoshoot...and also in keeping with the more muted colours she was wearing in the Tippi Hedren-esque look.
  7. I absolutely LOVE that song - especially the Nick Cave version (who Lana totally should do some kind of collab with. Very witchy, dark and moody.)
  8. The fact that you assume I'm a Conservative/Republican is exactly the problem with the level of political understanding inherent in the masses today. Try and think outside the box, instead of just trying to reinforce your own particular wall of choice. Walls have a habit of closing in on one; they're also regularly broken down.
  9. What sources do I read? They're called books. I know they take a little more attention span than a lot of people are used to employing, but they're filled with stuff you really could learn from. #ProTip
  10. Please don't confuse the ideals behind the creation of a nation, with the methods by which they proceeded to swell the population in order to settle lands, extract resources, create a burgeoning economy and bring about a stable population.
  11. Trust me. I'm old enough and "educated" enough to know exactly what I'm talking about. And the minute someone tries to direct me to a bloody NYT article to get me to "educate myself" on anything, I automatically know that I'm dealing with someone who operates so intellectually beneath my pay-grade, that there really is no point trying to continue. Enjoy your entry level propaganda!
  12. It was founded by people who wished to get away from a/ the tax regimes in the UK and b/ the inability to choose to follow the religion of their choosing. Slaves were imported for use in labour in various parts of the US, but you're buying into leftist narrative if you believe that slaves 'built the USA'. Slaves were purchased from preexisting slave markets in Africa. Slaves being sold by other black people to the west and to the middle east (where they are still being bought and sold today...in African slave markets. That's just how they roll over there - see Liberia for an example of a country coming full circle and going back to slave trading). America was an 'idea' that was made real by individuals who wanted to create a new world with inherent freedoms for it's citizens. Trying to take notions of what was ethical back then and transplant them onto current standards is pointless. We don't live exactly the same as we did back then. The west (especially Britain) spend a fortune and worked incredibly hard to abolish slavery...and yet we're expected to put some kind of fiscal punishment on people alive today?? Okay then. Let's just forget about every other nation that invaded, conquered and went to war with another in history...and never mind all the nations that have and still use slavery today. Fuck that noise. I am responsible for nobody else's behaviour. Anyone who wants reparations is a freeloading scumbag trying to capitalise on very selective portions of history.
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