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  1. There's a rumour going round that there will be a Man's World remix with Pabllo Vittar in awholelotofmarina on instagram... personally I am here for it!
  2. I know it may not be considered a typical outro but Get Free's is amazing
  3. Oh right I thought you meant a new 7" vinyl had been released for pre-order!
  4. wait where are you getting this from? Do you have a link?
  5. When I saw Lana does tarot I had a friggin meltdown!! YAS LANA!! So I know the good sis @recklessdaughter already did a reading but I thought I would offer my own too... Damn sis needs to be careful with those cards... I interpret them as she has been through a lot of heartache (third card) and has constantly been on the defence (first card) to get what she wants (second card). Whatever it is that she wants, it has huge potential. As the card is in the suit of pentacles, this could be referring to her new album, poetry book or the Christmas cover album. Or maybe it is something else I haven't thought of. (Pentacles are all about more practical aspects of life like work and money). Whatever it is, it has had a pretty big emotional effect on our girl. Look after yourself Lana!
  6. If it's not a froot style 7" vinyl release, I think we will still get one vinyl for every single from the album and an accompanying zine. We know there will be multiple zines, and as the zines seem to be about the single they are released with it could suggest that there will be multiple 7" vinyls. Maybe it won't be the entire album on the singles but I think it'll be a good proportion of the album? Anyway that was just my interpretation so hopefully these won't be my famous last words
  7. So not sure if you guys already know but it looks like there is going to be another 7" vinyl boxset like FROOT which will be released with a Marinazine for every vinyl!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CJWUeIYnD3M/
  8. Can someone please upload the leaks to mega or google drive? dbree isn't working for me
  9. I used to think the lyrics to Rootless were 'running with my wistful duck'
  10. OMG I know this is a reach but if Lana made a reference to buffy the vampire slayer I'd die
  11. californianfreak

    Song vs. Song

    Damn You vs True Love On The Side
  12. this aged badly does anyone know if there is anywhere else I can get a copy??
  13. this is actually INSANE how quickly they are selling out. been looking at every website and all but two are sold out and the only two I can find keep crashing edit: after 40 minutes of constantly refreshing the page, I got one!! Go get those coins charles!
  14. TKO, Losing My Cool, Interior, Mow That Lawn, Pop The Balloons
  15. It has 87 pages including - Lyrics for all songs - Official and angel artworks - Descriptions for how forever, claws, i finally understand and hifn as an album came about - Features from Aquaria, Gia Gunn, Sophie Anderson, Shamir, beabadoobee, Rebecca Black and Jaboukie Young-White https://imgur.com/a/g3sGaHS she really fed us guys
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