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  1. I interpreted it as she didn't listen to Kate Bush growing up rather than never having listened to her or heard of her before?
  2. pretty much although if she played CTMP I missed it as I got there late by accidentally driving to the wrong venue as I am an idiot
  3. I literally never post here but just wanted to say the London show was incredible. We are so lucky to have Charli Highlights/notable moments: - Caroline coming out on New Shapes - Charli dedicating Vroom Vroom to SOPHIE - Charli getting overwhelmed and crying and saying how much she loves us - Saying she wants a video for Yuck - Move Me (which seemed to be one of the favourites of the crowd) - UTKM and Baby (everyone was jumping and dancing) - She played XCX World before she came out (including the Pete Tong version of GNO)
  4. Your Band Is All The Rage is one and will always be one of my all time favourite songs
  5. wait can someone explain what an NFT is and why they are bad please? I've tried googling it but I still don't understand
  6. IMMA MAKE YOU NUT, IMMA MAKE YOU NUT IMMA MAKE YOU NUT, IMMA MAKE YOU NUT BABY legit thought these were the lyrics until I googled them
  7. I personally love the lyrics from ADIAML I know they're not her most complex or deep lyrics ever, but they are raw and honest which I love
  8. WELL I saw her last night and oh my gawd... she was amazing!! The vocals, the dance moves, the energy... I think the highlights for me were: Rina saying 'HELLO LGBTQ COMMUNITY' at the start Everyone crying during chosen family (including Rina herself and the guitarist and drummer) Everyone constantly chanting 'RINA! RINA! RINA!' to which Rina seemed to get emotional STFU! Comme Des Garçons Love Me 4 Me Ugh even though I was originally meant to see Rina last May, this was so worth the wait!
  9. Slayyyter's there??? OMG I know their styles are completely different but pls collab imagine something like clouds! Also I know this would never work but a gal can dream
  10. test: palm trees in black and white omg thanks guys!!!
  11. caged up like a bird in midsummer https://imgur.com/a/zwp7DIK how do I get it so the photo shows and not the link??
  12. The candle and pill box is already sold out and I didn't get a chance to grab one Hopefully they will restock them... Edit: they are still available on the US store if anyone else missed out
  13. "comment suggestions for me to ignore for my next video" had me SCREAMING oh ali eggs, i love you
  14. Didn't know what to expect with ali eggs but it was HILARIOUS Highlights: moving out of canada due to 'creative differences', sarah not being home, and the part of the video from 0:00 - 1:23
  15. Gutted I couldn't get a meet and greet, she is so sweet and genuine so proud to stan her Also I think ADIAML may take TFJ's spot at my second fave Marina album. It won't take FROOT's place because it has such a special place in my heart and all the tracks on FROOT are 10/10 for me (yes, even weeds). I've completely fallen in love with Flowers and Goodbye and they're probably my favourites along with Man's World and Ancient Dreams. Although I like Pandora's Box, ILYBILMM and New America, I haven't connected with them as much yet as all the other tracks. But the same thing happens with every album cycle - there are a few tracks I don't 'get' for the first few weeks but I normally grow to love them anyway. The same happened with Better Than That where one day I just woke up and it just clicked. It's been one of my all time favourite songs ever since!
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