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  1. Slayyyter's there??? OMG I know their styles are completely different but pls collab imagine something like clouds! Also I know this would never work but a gal can dream
  2. test: palm trees in black and white omg thanks guys!!!
  3. caged up like a bird in midsummer https://imgur.com/a/zwp7DIK how do I get it so the photo shows and not the link??
  4. The candle and pill box is already sold out and I didn't get a chance to grab one Hopefully they will restock them... Edit: they are still available on the US store if anyone else missed out
  5. "comment suggestions for me to ignore for my next video" had me SCREAMING oh ali eggs, i love you
  6. Didn't know what to expect with ali eggs but it was HILARIOUS Highlights: moving out of canada due to 'creative differences', sarah not being home, and the part of the video from 0:00 - 1:23
  7. Gutted I couldn't get a meet and greet, she is so sweet and genuine so proud to stan her Also I think ADIAML may take TFJ's spot at my second fave Marina album. It won't take FROOT's place because it has such a special place in my heart and all the tracks on FROOT are 10/10 for me (yes, even weeds). I've completely fallen in love with Flowers and Goodbye and they're probably my favourites along with Man's World and Ancient Dreams. Although I like Pandora's Box, ILYBILMM and New America, I haven't connected with them as much yet as all the other tracks. But the same thing happens with every album cycle - there are a few tracks I don't 'get' for the first few weeks but I normally grow to love them anyway. The same happened with Better Than That where one day I just woke up and it just clicked. It's been one of my all time favourite songs ever since!
  8. Charger, ringtone and bitches are the holy trinity of charli features
  9. Where did you guys find the t shirt and after party tickets??
  10. I am pretty sure I saw that Happy Loner is now Flowers but I can't find any receipts Did anyone else hear this or was it a dream??
  11. californianfreak

    Tove Lo

    could someone please explain to me what the tove x nifty gateway collection actually is and why it is so expensive
  12. I sent them an email about it and got this reply: Many thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately there has been a delay in receiving the stock from the supplier. As soon the order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipment confirmation email from us. Please do let us know if you do not wish to wait for the item to come in stock, and we can cancel the order for you. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by this delay.
  13. Not me only just realising that the opening line is in fact guess it's Mecha on the beat and not go smack her in the face
  14. Sirens gives me this image in my head where you have moved into your own little place for the first time. It is very lonely as you don't know many people where you have moved to but it gives you a lot of time to think. I think this image mainly comes from the line in Blizzard where Lana ends up in a 'lame department store' and finds a 'really cool belt'. I really relate to this line because a few years ago I started uni and I worked in a lame department store. All my friends had new lives so I felt alone and would have a lot of time to think and just wander around town.
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