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  1. this aged badly does anyone know if there is anywhere else I can get a copy??
  2. this is actually INSANE how quickly they are selling out. been looking at every website and all but two are sold out and the only two I can find keep crashing edit: after 40 minutes of constantly refreshing the page, I got one!! Go get those coins charles!
  3. TKO, Losing My Cool, Interior, Mow That Lawn, Pop The Balloons
  4. It has 87 pages including - Lyrics for all songs - Official and angel artworks - Descriptions for how forever, claws, i finally understand and hifn as an album came about - Features from Aquaria, Gia Gunn, Sophie Anderson, Shamir, beabadoobee, Rebecca Black and Jaboukie Young-White https://imgur.com/a/g3sGaHS she really fed us guys
  5. I never post here but my HIFN book arrived yesterday!! I don't know what I was expecting but omg it's GORGEOUS it's a lot bigger than I was expecting as well - it's about 40cm diagonally
  6. This gif brings back so many memories of LFL pre-release thread It looks like this is gonna be the shortest pre-release era ever (I'm defining pre-release era from the time the lead single is released to the album release). The shortest era so far is for HM, where HBTB was released 39 days before the album release. Today we are 36/7 days from COCCs release. And I can't imagine the lead single coming for another week at least to distance it from VBBOTG.
  7. Thought it was worth leaving this here in case anyone thinks of buying from FNAC. (posted in the Charli XCX thread about some vinyls on sale which have been out of stock for ages and have been really hard to find anywhere)
  8. All of St Vincent's videos from MASSEDUCTION are brilliant, but these are my favourites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sfrCVYZV7k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TPqUvy1vYU This video of Father John Misty's mades me tear up. If you don't know him/his story, this is about the time a couple of years ago where he was struggling with his depression and checked himself into a hotel for a few months. The woman at the end is his wife! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR1CSqQJi3E Some other videos which are my favourites are also: Blue, Oh No! and To Be Human by Marina Glad He's Gone - Tove Lo (this one is HILARIOUS) Claws, You (Ha Ha Ha), Vroom Vroom and Breaking Up by Charli XCX Ridin' Round and After The Storm by Kali Uchis
  9. oh flip my bad, lemme do that again well i had this suit for a while, but i felt like something was missing. then lana put this flower crown on my head and i just felt GORGEOUS hunny what's your guilty pleasure?
  10. Well I wouldn't really call this an outfit as I am just sitting here in my pyjama top, but it was a present. When did you join lanaboards?
  11. In the UK, we have HMV (https://www.hmv.com/) and Rough Trade (https://www.roughtrade.com/) which are both reliable sites. And there is The Sound of Vinyl (https://thesoundofvinyl.com/), although not sure what country this one is based in!
  12. Agree with Blue is easily her best video, and Oh No! is next
  13. Around the time of the Froot release, I knew marina and lana had a lot of mutual stans so i thought i'd check her out! I loved Froot and TFJ but it took me a while to get into EH!
  14. my signed print finally arrived today
  15. I think this era is going to be like HM - pretty low-key, not much promotion, not much news/interviews at all. HBTB was released almost a month before HM was released, so I'm thinking it'll be the same for COCC. I'm not expecting anything until late July at the earliest, or early-mid August. As much as I love it when we get interviews and lots of news, I kinda like quiet eras. They feel so much more intimate
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