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  1. Ceremonials

    Charli XCX

    wtmi may be a bit vulgar but sticky is just there
  2. not when they only have one album
  3. this message ? all about me
  4. sorry to be annoying but is there a master post of the recent leaks ?
  5. i'm just really perplexed at who thought downhill lullaby was lead single material
  6. r/popheads ; people are tired bringing up her summer performances and everything wow
  7. wow the reddit general consensus is not believing her for once
  8. her face looks photoshopped in
  9. because there is absolutely no way this is entirely her fault
  10. she should make a nu metal record
  11. aren't lana and caroline born like a day apart or something
  12. did the guardian article say they're a song called desire on the album ?? blood and butter and smoke where talked about along with pretty in possible
  13. that i didn't know lol but kinda iconic old Hollywood shit
  14. Ava has never pretended to be anything but a sell out, she has integrity. sky's the one who wanted to be a main pop girl and then decided she was too cool for it or it wasn't intellectual enough.
  15. new campaign for freeskyferreira where we all buy lotto tickets to buy out her contract sky ferreira go fund me
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