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  1. well that's not as galaxy brain
  2. Just realized Charli's "lock it up 21 savage" lyric in 100 was talking about how 21 savage was in jail in Sweden LMAOO
  3. Remember when a few members tried to make a Charliboards website
  4. I thought there was gonna be an XCX bop on the UglyDolls soundtrack?
  5. Charli: collabs with a rising star, who she's friends with Gays: queen of social climbing, did the label put you up to this? Charli: collabs with slayyyter Gays:
  6. but... but the gays love to play the role of a music industry insider!!!
  7. Has this thread been exciting for the past 500 pages or are you fatties still complaining about Charli's bangs
  8. best joke this year is Azealia Banks saying she has pride LMFAO
  9. If Yungblud and Sucker Era Charli linked up in an alternate universe... let's just say we appreciate power! I'm still not over the snippet at 1:05, does anyone know it? https://picosong.com/wS5dk
  10. The XCX drought is so bad that y'all are drooling over Pop The Balloons... it's a sad day to be an Angel THE POWER THAT THAT MOMENT HAS!!! UGH Same with the "I'm in your hand" outro on Take My Hand
  11. If the Taxi helicopter was on the XCX World cover, and she described the exchange gig as a way to put demo's out into the world that won't be released, does that mean the OG XCX World was already scrapped by Oct. 2016??
  12. but that's how the Exchange version goes... are there two versions of Taxi??
  13. Have you guys ever noticed that the whistle ''ow" is almost like a "mainstream Charli" signature? She did it in Fancy, and in Girls, and in the unofficial Dirty Sexy Money bridge!
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