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  1. No hate to Taylor because I think shes a genuinely a nice person but.... how are you gonna accept a Grammy from THE Celine Dion and not acknowledge her in your speech? Glad she acknowledged Lana tho
  2. I don't wanna be a hater but I will never comprehend how that mediocre ass song won over a one-of-a-kind masterpiece like A&W. There is really no other song like that in existence and I can name 10 songs off the top of my head that sound like WWIMF
  3. I told myself I wouldn't care if Lana didn't win anything but now that I've had 3 glasses of prosecco I've realized if she doesn't win anything I will puke and cry
  4. No shade but why does Billie sing like she just finished running a marathon
  5. Text Book 17 Blue Banisters 14 Arcadia 8 The Trio - Interlude 8 Black Bathing Suit 21 If You Lie Down With Me 21 Beautiful 1 Violets for Roses 14 Dealer 16 Thunder 18 Wildflower Wildfire 25 Nectar of the Gods 23 Living Legend 15 Cherry Blossom 7 Sweet Carolina 16
  6. Ok just how LQ are the leaks Should I even bother searching or should I just wait til we get the HQ
  7. This has prob been discussed already but do we have any tea on how NOTG, CB, and LL sound? Like have they all been reworked?
  8. I'm lowkey nervous about the new Thunder bc I love the guitar-oriented production of the old version so much
  9. Arcadia is definitely top 5 Lana ballads of all time (might even end up being my number 1, I need a little more time with it). Its just so...
  10. Also in the streaming version there's some sort of bass that almost sounds like a man humming in the first verse when she says "angel" "halo" "heyo" and "lets go" and its Lowkey bothering me
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