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  1. havent been on here since ocean blvd drop but i have to say i don't know if they're dating but lana and quavo are SO SO cute together i hope we get some good music out of thisssssss
  2. my close family member has passed away this morning after battling cancer, i don't know how im gonna get through this but this album has been such a huge comfort to me throughout. everyone always says lana drops at the exact right time and that really has been true for me every single time lol. a timeless masterpiece, thank you lana
  3. scariest songs to me:: pin up galore (all versions but the demo sounds creepier to me) disco money hunny a star for nick put me in a movie get drunk lust for life (demo 2) not really scary but it has a darker vibe than the released
  4. if this is THE surprise i'll be a little disappointed ngl... but it's a beautiful song and i'm happy for it to be officially released
  5. i'm still scared about this because when i first heard it i was definitely like ummm what?? but after sitting with it for a while i think it could be a good addition to the album, i interpreted it as her affirming that she regrets the way she handled the situation and that she had good intentions. she's been subtly hinting at it/trying to explain herself for a while but i think it was important for her to address directly. there are so many ways people could interpret it wrong but hopefully people see it for what it was, anyways the general public didn't seem to care about the lines in text book which are arguably worse in my opinion so i think we'll be okay!
  6. yikes, i knew people would try finding something wrong with that but depending on how its executed i think it's a nice thing to do, its always good to bring attention to cold cases no matter how old they are + honour & remember the dead. i also think that fits the theme of the album really well (don't forget me), i'm still wondering how its gonna tie in to candy necklace but im thinking it'll probably just be small references like wearing the flower and in that case its really not a big deal at all, can people at least wait until the video is out before they get mad..
  7. hi, i haven't been that active but this is the first thread where i've actually posted and interacted with you guys after years of being a lurker, so thanks for spending this prerelease with me it's been very special and i hope everyone has a great first (official) listen! <3
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