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  1. I just checked the site, there are 56 Neil picture discs left, and 55 of the Neil & B&W disk bundles left. So 111 left in total Just posted it!
  2. I think gray or transparent just like on her official website. It would match the black and white cover. If I had to pick one it would be transparent as it’s more interesting and maybe more “delicate” looking to match the way the album sounds
  3. My friend said they got a refund for the Spotify picture disc even though she never asked for it? Did this happen to anyone else?
  4. It might be “I’ve got my dead” Her dead writers, poets, musicians?
  5. I think it’s “I’m one of many peonies blue” like the flower. She says it clearly in a live performance somewhere
  6. Yes, I am in the UK looking at the UK store! So maybe ignore me if you're not in the UK I thought the stock was worldwide or something I'm not sure how to look at the USA's one. On the UK's site basically if you use the source code to try and add 99999 copies of an item to your basket, it will say "Sorry, we only have x amount of this item"
  7. Oh interesting! Where? Maybe there's only 1500 in my region
  8. And by the way the Spotify picture disk says Sorry, we only have 1,462 Spotify Exclusive Chemtrails Over The Country Club Picture Disc available So it looks like they're only making 1,500 pressings? Is that rare? It sounds like a lot.
  9. It says: Sorry, we only have 959 Chemtrails Over The Country Club Double Disc Edition available.
  10. I stopped reading your post when you said you didn’t listen to the Annie Mac interview
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