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  1. She’s gonna do the 1 hour show and somehow Bartender will still be on it
  2. Congrats! This is a dream that we all have but for you it's a reality Will you be taking any questions from the forum? I would love to find out if she would ever finally release her unreleased songs lol
  3. Does anyone have a high quality version of the stream in a google drive? There's a 4k version of the stream here, but I can't download the 4k version using Youtube downloaders. They have no audio lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WQB3AMR08U
  4. Do ya’ll think the pics are for Lasso?
  5. Who do we want as the album art photographer? Chuck? Neil? Nikki Lane’s iPhone? If she was smart she would hire Nadia Lee Cohen
  6. Last year, I managed to see about 10 full sets over all the days for acts I wanted to see, and a few other fillers. Some play for 1.5hrs and some only 45 mins. Most likely there’s nothing of interest until 8pm onwards anyway so it’s a later start - then the festival runs until like 6am. When I went last year, there was only one clash for me and luckily the stages I needed to be at were close together. I heard the year before, people had to leave Dua Lipa’s set half way through to walk 20-30 minutes to Charli XCX’s stage But all together it was a good experience and would highly recommend. Drinks service was quick and the bathrooms were okay. I think girls had longer queues though.
  7. So… who’s gonna order her billions plaque first, us or Ben?
  8. Hi can you make me a waffle that tastes like Lana Del Rey
  9. Yes! Okay, I remember this now. I think I was maybe too drunk when he was talking idk
  10. Does anyone else remember Father Jon Misty on stage saying Lana wrote Normal Fucking Rockwell (song) is about him? Or was that a fever dream? And when Lana performed NFR, he was on the visual in the background (video clip from Freak)... ?
  11. I wish it was the NFR cover (love that one) considering this was a Grammys theme pressing
  12. Hard disagree. Venice Bitch is my favourite song (by any artist) and Taco Truck is clearly not an attempt to improve on it. It’s a revisit, a new version, an alternate reality. The perfection of Venice Bitch already exists as Venice Bitch the song. Taco Truck reminds me of White Mustang in that the entire song hooks you in less than two minutes, if you want to hear it again, just replay it. You can say the same for A&W: “why didn’t she make Jimmy a whole song” well guess what Mimi… she didn’t. So suck it up and live with it! The album IS sample heavy (the two instrumentals, the Tommy Genesis sample. But nothing new for Lana. She has sang over existing instrumentals for her unreleased.) She doesn’t have to prove that she can write new melodies and fresh music, her strength is in her lyricism; so what if the instrumentals already existed? I don’t think the album sounds “fresh” however it is refreshing to hear Lana try out new things such as sampling, interludes and remixes. It’s fresh in the Lanaverse for sure..
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