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  1. Creyk

    Melanie Martinez

    Papercut is so good. I am obsessed.
  2. Sounds like Dark But Just A Game could be on the same level as The Blackest Day please make it happen
  3. This makes me think White Dress will be yet another Hope is a dangerous thing - God, please no.
  4. Creyk

    Britney Spears

    OMG I wish I could watch it too. Britney is such an icon and it's a shame how after all these years her trash dad still keeps exploiting her.
  5. As someone who adores both White Mustang and Let Me Love You Like A Woman, I am appalled
  6. Creyk

    Britney Spears

    I love exaholic so much. It would have fit on Blackout perfectly me thinks.
  7. There is one thing we can say for certain. Love Me Like A Woman is far better than MAC. And Chemtrails Over The Country Club puts Venice Bitch to shame. For this reason, I have very high hopes for this album. It will probably be really good. If only it wasn't so short (For Free is unnecessarry, I don't know what she sees in that one). You just know 3 years from now 4-5 completely amazing outtakes will leak and we will wonder what was she thinking when she didn't include them.
  8. She can easily have a family if that is what she desires. I am sure she would be a good mom because she experienced what it's like to have a horrible one firsthand so she will not make the same mistakes.
  9. We need a tell-all book more than ever ...like what is going on with her.
  10. Creyk

    Twitter Updates

    This seems to be her phylosophy while promoting COCC...our poor Queen deserves better.
  11. I love that this song is getting a resurgence of love from the fandom. It's so gorgeous, Lana's vocals are just perfect and the lyrics are really beautiful. I too always loved the "finally, finally Im getting closer to the dream" part, to me it always had a spiritual meaning. Like getting closer to god.
  12. I just realized the big problem with COCC's rollout is that Lana didn't publish an official lyric video for Let Me Love You Like A Woman, Let Me Hold You Like A Baby.
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