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  1. Creyk

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    Children have to learn too. Stop using age as an excuse.
  2. Imagine another blue bannisters situation
  3. I hope this one will receive radio adds too for a change. At least on rhythmic.
  4. I hope so, something like Selena's good for you with ASAP Rocky
  5. Do you think it will be a high budget MV or one of the simple ones
  6. It's crazy and sad how she never once did anything for this song, yet it has 460 million streams already. And it would be such an easy one to sing....it is not vocally challenging at all.
  7. But it was ok to play Bartender or Cherry? Be for real
  8. OMG Candy Necklace. The crowds are about to experience true darkness
  9. Ok these arcadia vocals are on POINT! Love this song so much.
  10. Why is she not doing White Dress, Wild At Heart, Black Bathing Suit. So many great songs in her discography but we are stuck hearing the same songs for the 100th time
  11. The Grants doesn't really translate well live so I am already scared. What are we about to witness
  12. I noticed this too. It is so interesting how they just never get her audio engineering right. Do you guys remember when we got that super HQ performance but we could barely hear her because the instrumentals were drowning her out
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