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  1. In the livestream she said that she hopes no one will ever look up her family records because they would find horrible things so yeah it's fair to surmise there are some skeletons in the closet.
  2. She said she is dedicating the next year to writing. In the LFL album trailer (and multiple times since then) she emphasized the importance of retreating into yourself and shutting out the outside world if you want to create something special. She also referred to this in the video post she made before she shut down her instagram account, how she wants to give more of her attention to her creative endeavors. I don't expect a new album next year (maybe we will get behind the iron gates + something for BTD 10 year anniversary), but if she focuses so much on being creative then I hope she will come out with something truly extraordinary for her next album in 2023.
  3. Dealer: Apple Music: #98 Ireland (+33) #123 New Zealand (+42)
  4. Now that we have BB and COCC, I'd love the next album to be named Come Under Me .
  5. Yup so I guess the new thing that she never mentioned before and explains everything is the karmic lineage thing in this song. Seems like a silly concept though.
  6. We don't know why they broke up but even back on the Honeymoon album she sang about her dislike of being famous on God Knows I Tried.
  7. Can't wait for her to announce the next album on the Colbert show this Friday
  8. I'm literally skipping work, laying in my bed singing along to Arcadia. What has my life become
  9. BlackOutZone just confirmed the old songs are indeed youtube rips
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