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  1. Creyk

    Ava Max

    Call Me Tonight is the best song.
  2. Creyk

    Song vs. Song

    diet mtn dew vs Boom Like That
  3. Creyk

    Boom Like That

    On replay since it leaked. I'm not even kidding. It's so trippy
  4. Some people just love to be offended and SJW culture actively encourages those tendencies. It's dumb but at the end of the day they are wasting their time being mad over things that really don't matter. There is nothing wrong with anything that she has said in this interview.
  5. The way she dragged her tasteless critics Go Lana go!
  6. White Dress Waitress is an amazing song title the way she is coming to end our lives all over again is unreal
  7. It's enough if she reveals details about some tracks, a few lyrics maybe.
  8. Male: Gerard Butler Female: - Stefani Germanotta
  9. Creyk

    Kim Petras

    Yeah it is but lots of people hated the sequencing of that one and changed it however they saw fit.
  10. Creyk

    Kim Petras

  11. Creyk

    Katy Perry

    Only Love should be a single.
  12. I am finally out of the black...and into the blue.
  13. Creyk

    Katy Perry

    I am so mad this still did not leak. Come on now! The world deserves to know that It's Not The End Of The World!
  14. Creyk

    Instagram Updates

    Lana's version of lighting that cigarette looks so much better than the original footage that inspired the sequence
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