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  1. I don't know why this is such a returning issue with Lana. You don't know your own lyrics? Fine. When the crowd asked obscure songs from Adele, she just opened up her phone, looked up the lyrics and went ahead with the performance and everyone still appreciated her performance. We are in 2023, it is not that hard. She could even ask one of her backup dancers to assist with that if she required it.
  2. Excuse you, it is the BEST song on Lust For Life and she knows it. That is why she made a video for it and has been singing it consistently ever since. She knows the cock anthem is that girl
  3. She did. You can find clips on twitter. Her vocals were amazing too.
  4. I really love the new version. The production is so lovely and they saved the best aspects of my favorite demo. I hope it will do good numbers after all the public love it received.
  5. She better sing Paris Texas live if she knows what's good for her
  6. Creyk

    Kim Petras

    This is the way.
  7. Creyk

    Kim Petras

    While the official version absolutely sucks, there are many amazing fan mixes already and I am sure that in a week there will be even more on youtube and also streaming platforms. I refuse to give her streams after she messed up this bad but there will be a good version of the song to enjoy very soon.
  8. Creyk

    Kim Petras

    This is all they needed to do why are they so fucking stupid?
  9. How do you not connect with the songs when they have lines like "fuck me till I love myself", "there's a certain point the body can't come back from // that''s how the light gets in", "It's not about havin' someone to love me anymore, this is the experience of bein' an American Whore", or just the sentiment of taking your sister's first born child's memories with you to the afterlife, like these are all extremely evocative. And then fingertips is like a diary. The only song that is hard to relate to is candy necklace since it is so abstract.
  10. She'll probably do the grants, title track, a&w at the least. But hopefully she also does some songs from BB/COCC like not all those wander are lost and white dress
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