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  1. I can't with pathetic flop members in here complaining. Lana just gifted us an amazing, GORGEOUS song out of nowhere and you are still bitching? Shut the fuck up.
  2. As super fans it's normal for us to think that and always want more Lana...but I actually think she plays really well off of Miles Kane in that one. And now that I think about it more it is interesting that he is such a prominent part of the song, yet it is billed as a solo Lana song, not a collaboration or feature.
  3. Her voice sounds aamzing on it and it's something different for her whie still staying within her aesthetic
  4. Creyk

    Movie vs. Movie

    The Great Gatsby vs Mean Girls
  5. I've been pondering this for months, but honestly: The first part of A&W >>>> the jimmy jimmy coco puff part.
  6. Creyk

    Lady Gaga

    So we can finally have a properly produced version of 1000 Doves!
  7. The kind of song that you listen to once in a lifetime and that is more than enough.
  8. Creyk

    Jackson Novem

    Looking good and feeling fine
  9. Creyk

    Instagram Updates

    Did anyone RIP the audio from her soundcheck post singing for free? It is so beautiful and really good quality, would love to have it for later
  10. I actually LOVE Life Lesson and listen to it a lot. I just love the melody the lyrics and the peaceful vibe. Very happy she gave it to us but I can understand it's not everyone's cup of tea.
  11. Creyk

    Instagram Updates

    On insta a few moments ago but it seems she deleted it already
  12. Please put Ten Dollar Ring on it, it's been 13 years
  13. Does anyone know why the instrumentals of this one never leaked?
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