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  1. Honestly I’m so happy she switches up main producers .. from Rick to Dan to jack now MIKE... how exciting. She’s very clever when it comes to choosing her men in music .. id like to say she could’ve delivered more with jack but oh well. Maybe she was holding it all in to save it for mike !
  2. Anyone notice how on the clock necklace lana is holding in the BB music video has a J on it... could it stand for ‘Jim’ the man that never returned in Lizzy/Lana’s life? The one most of her songs are about... could be so... def going back to her roots
  3. I actually really like the BB snippet.. its quite intriguing.. I could see it changing up though
  4. I am definitely listening to Yosemite tripping balls on shrooms.. I know it’s gonna HIT. My mind will be churning butter
  5. Yeah I must say Breaking Up Slowly actually seems like her most authentic collaboration since pre LFL
  6. I hope the sexy Pearl outfit was used for something more than those Instagram promo selfies for VBOTG... y’know maybe like a trippy sexy album trailer that could drop any day this week
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