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  1. I think wildflower wildfire was not a good example of what her and Mike dean could do.. which sucks so I really hope there’s more in store. Mike is such a solid dude, extremely talented. I think they have great chemistry in the studio, I think he could really pull an intense part of lana out.. she’s too comfy with Jack and I could tell she’s more dominant with him.. cause he’s more of a pushover ..
  2. Idk why the album is getting so much praise .. one minute songs to me are INSANE... and uh this shit is really lackluster .. seems like she didn’t even try..
  3. I actually think Blue Banisters is up there.. it’s the epitome of false hope and neglect imo
  4. The lack of activity is turning news accounts into ‘did you know’ accounts lmao
  5. I will go to the grave detesting Machine gun Kelly ...
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CadiBOipeKl/
  7. Wow.. king is great! Instant classic
  8. I wonder if Madonna and lana have ever thought about collabing.. especially now , Madonna has been quoting her recently and now she is in the studio with mike dean.. mike also did say he had three sessions in a day.. unknown with who though
  9. #glimmeringdarling

    Tove Lo

    She’s killer .. underrated as shit
  10. I hope it doesn’t leak.. I don’t care to hear anymore details about it either.. I wanna get hit with all its glory Jan 23rd!
  11. #glimmeringdarling

    Tove Lo

    I love how liberated this woman is
  12. Yeah lana dodged a bullet on this one... Listen to gunnas album instead
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