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  1. Omg I thought that was her song originally... I LOVE that song... THATS what Lana’s covering?!
  2. Vaya con dios is such a sick song... wish Lana could do something like this on COCC..
  3. I feel like the rollout could go one of two ways now and I’m afraid to know which road Lana chooses ... I feel like due to the delay the album is said to be released in the first few months of next year.. so I guess that’s inevitable and the source of this news is lana herself so it seems pretty certain.. with that being said I hope Lana strings is along through this delayed era, I hope with all the downtime she has a lot of full throttle tricks up here sleeve where she keeps the era alive .. however I’m afraid going based off her most recent eras that she could also be very well neglecting the chemtrails era and promo until the month before or of the albums actual release.. I think it could be 50/50
  4. I’m surprised this thread isn’t POURING with speculations as to what exact songs the good sis will be covering?! In my opinion .. this project is kinda overdue .. haha we know Lana loves to sing the classics so what do you guys think we will get on this record ? i hope it’s not all vanilla.. hope there’s some raunchy classics on it lol
  5. After all this time... I still don’t care to hear Yosemite ? Idk just didn’t sound appealing to me
  6. It’s so lackluster it sounds like a interlude to open up the album. It’s not bad, it’s just like a repeating hook.. so hopefully this is something used to commence the album before the EXPLOSIVE title track
  7. I don’t care when it comes out honestly just hope it’s not a snooze fest
  8. So she said Tulsa Jesus Freak was COOL and she caught a lot of lightning while in Oklahoma so that’s exciting
  9. If it makes you feel better .. I panicked when I met her and wanted to give her something and the only thing I could think of was a cool eyeball ring I had that was turning my finger green.. I gave it to her and it matched Sean’s necklace ... but turned her finger ring before the show.. lol I also made her write ‘Fuck’ on my book... so..
  10. The ‘it’s worth waiting for’ from Ben has me a on a thread.. I think Lana’s done everything she could do for Violet, gets cute/dresses up posts on IG. Let the reviews come in and then finally we can commence a new era, it all makes sense now. Maybe this era is so grandeur that the team wants to put aside the first project (Violet) to finally COCC us down, in all its intensity without having to worry about Violet getting in the way
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