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  1. I love how everyone’s BB ranking is different. That’s a great album! It’s actually easy to listen to the whole thing on repeat... BB found it’s wya to my favorite title track
  2. 1. Dealer 2. Blue Banisters 3. If You Lie Down With Me 4. Sweet Carolina 5. Black Bathing Suit
  3. It’s crazy cause even in a haze Lana’s intelligence always shines through her projects.. it’s always there. I love how this is an ‘album for the critics’ in a sense that she’s not actually trying to ‘get revenge’ or whatever that means.. she’s just being herself and singing about all the things she loves in the ways she loves to sing them. The drugs, affairs, daddy issues, karmic lineage, astrology, submissiveness, strength/being a woman, being free, America, etc... if you noticed Sean, Barrie, Clay and maybe even K or someone in that era...(the dealer lyric insinuates someone from a while ago.. most likely while she was in NYC) and songs embracing being a single woman and embracing family and friends.. it’s really clever. Just undeniably Lana... also not to mention almost every song mentions ‘Blue’ at one point or another... Lana’s just a blue bird.. you can’t take that away from someone.. so I love how she brings it in and turns it out all by herself. She just stopped giving a fuck and I think that’s beautiful !
  4. Wow I didn’t know in ‘Beautiful’ she mentions Picasso, this whole time I thought it was ‘what if someone had asked a girl not to be sad..” .. but knowing it’s ‘someone had asked Picasso’.. makes it less LDR like lyrics . Which I enjoy, more depth.
  5. I must say Wildfower Wildfire is a really great song.. the production is so lackluster though .. ugh it’s a shame could’ve been one of her top ten tbh.. just doesn’t have a grandesque sound to go with it.. reminds me a little of the grunge music back in its prime. New York City vibes .. would be cool if it had more of an electric feel.. maybe an ambulance in the background towards the end.. even mike deans contributions weren’t so strong.. hopefully production on the rest is strong
  6. I just wanted to say that ‘Blue Banisters’ title track is one of her top three... although I hate the name (the ‘blue’ is overused)... the song itself is amazing, it is the absolute epitome of trying your best to remain strong but somewhat failing no matter what needing the help from close ones... it’s something no artist talks about in this damned industry.. it’s okay to get help from others.. sometimes are burdens are too heavy to carry and we can’t help but depend... idk it’s just so.. magic. Touches right to the heart and soul.... false hope is a dangerous thing to have.. we all have it at some point. also the imagery in the changing of seasons.. beautiful
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