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  1. After party https://x.com/cheryyblossomm/status/1787737396240425203?s=46&t=BPESwNo1PpHbAnEDwXwj1Q
  2. So cool https://x.com/drowninginyouev/status/1777205161670127881?s=46&t=BPESwNo1PpHbAnEDwXwj1Q
  3. What do you mean? That white woman line takes me OUT everytime only Lana can pull that off..
  4. I love how in all the embodiments of these women you can see how distressed and kinda over it Lana is.. kinda like all these women were of fame.. that speaks loud and true in itself
  5. I say I live in Rosemead, really I’m at the Ramada.. it doesn’t really matter, doesn’t really really matter ! Look at me now, I have everything You gave to me and my heart can sing I was a kid who could only drink Dance on tables, making deals with devils Like a drunk beauty queen Fighting the fantasy, hooked on the scene And it brought me to my knees And it's all because of you
  6. You know after a few good listens I’ve really come to be impressed with how Lana’s Melodie’s and lyric structure kinda make it difficult to sing along because the songs are more like diary entries.. it’s like these songs were for her on her terms, more than any of her other ones. She is telling her own story in a way where we have no choice but to listen and I think it’s really beautiful.. now with some of these songs, I hear stories of points in her life.. detailed stories.. that Lana holds near and dear to her heart… it’s really cool. For sure no artist is doing it like her.. also really like the new found use of the word ‘daddy’ she went from calling toxic men to actually talking to her father in ‘Kintsugi’ for example. So much growth. I feel like a lot of these confessions/stories bring light to a lot of laptop demos and concepts as well.. when I heard the 15 year old part in ‘Fingertips’ I automatically thought of ‘Bentley’ .. and even ‘Boarding School’ ..not easy stuff to ever talk about or come to terms with so I’m glad she’s at peace enough as an artist and woman to become one with her traumas.. really cool.so proud of her.. also love how Candy Necklace is masking something real dark…
  7. I personally think this surprise could be an acting debut in abels show or multiple songs on the soundtrack Music collaboration with a well known artist documentary ? Movie involvement/production Maybe something with Tarantino... not sure but anything that would make boz at all any excited would probably have to be something somewhat mainstream..
  8. Wtf this is insane.. I love the rawness experiment of melody of the first half and then the dystopian pyschadelic haze of the second part which is like a VHS rewind/ time travel back to her lizzy days when all her men were druggy and toxic
  9. I actually like the song.. it’s like she had to let go of the strong woman ‘I’m your man’ and dive back into the ‘I’m nothing without you’.. I like that she’s letting her hair back down, you can tell she’s having a hard time being openly vulnerable again.. but she said fuck it.. I hear the melody from Old Money the ‘Ill run run run’ it has that reminiscent energy. You can tell it was written by the same waters that inspired Mariners.. it sounds like IYLDWM and LMLYLAW.. but it’s coming straight from the honest heart of Lana as a lost woman.. we are all lost, hell.. the choir in the back brings a lot of soul which I like.. it actually takes a lot for an artist to want to use somebody else’s voice/voices in their art.. you can tell she’s tired of doing it all on her own... she’s relied on friends and family in BB, she’s relied on lovers that have abandoned here, substance usage/addictions, a mother that probably neglected her..those issues are real.. you can tell she’s trying to see the light which is never easy and putting it all on display is very commendable ..
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