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  1. fl0ridakil0s

    Song vs. Song

    13 beaches x love song
  2. fl0ridakil0s

    Song vs. Song

    Noir x Hollywood's dead
  3. my book just arrived aaaa I'm so excited to read it and to get to know all the poems, I just read the ones she posted on IG and LA who am I... the cover is so pretty
  4. fl0ridakil0s


    OMG https://www.elle.com/culture/music/a34031183/blackpink-interview/
  5. I've heard all of her released songs on Spotify after this thread and I think her latest singles are very interesting. My Game, Only A Dream and People Are Strangers are my favorites I'm excited for the sonority of this collab!
  6. fl0ridakil0s

    Song vs. Song

    ultraviolence x california
  7. same All my ex-boyfriends and people I don’t talk to anymore They come and visit me in dreams But when I wake there are no messages for me
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