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  1. NEAL


    First time I saw the photo of them at MET GALA I was like, "HAHAHAHHAHA OFC!" I think I know Grimes first, then Elon--so it makes perfect sense to me, how they would clicked. Although, I also think that Elon is such a Lana type--ambitious, visionary, hard working, techie, conservative (prob. on the outside, hipster irl)--not to mention a certified DADDY (5 sons hello...)
  2. I'm interested on your last line..
  3. NEAL


    * looking at your profile pic * since when you become Demi Lovato fan?
  4. That last line. This is what she longs for, or at least one of them, maybe. To have people trust that she has good intention enough to just be. idk since when, but maybe since 50s to present, we are conditioned to choose and excel in a specialty, and are deemed a failure when doing otherwise. And maybe because it's her inherent nature to crave and be in variety. She has the hunger to know and try everything, and thus try to familiarize herself with the topic of death, to sort of make peace with the fact that she might never gonna know or be everything that she wants, in this lifetime. Enough just to make her feel crazy. Once she got the initial understanding that we all were born to die, she doesn't really care how deep or shallow people think her songs are; doesn't matter if people, or she herself think that she's not enough--cos she's young and in love (enough).
  5. But what if this turned out to be a very critical piece of information in the future?
  6. NEAL

    Grammys 2021

    Twitter has been amusing so far.
  7. NEAL


    The Bugatti Group Signs Two New Global Licenses: BlackPink and The Rolling Stones! [Lana cries in national anthem ]
  8. NEAL


    I like how Jennie was visibly amused when Kimmel mention Hogwarts as an analogy of the KPOP idol music companies. pop bootcamp: isn't it essentially the same tho, with all of the million talents shows and reality tv since god knows when? It's kinda interesting tho if we draw comparisons of it to Korean's culture of 'gisaeng'.
  9. NEAL


    Daniel Jones of Savage Garden once said (non-verbatim): "Pop is from the word 'popular'. So whatever genre is currently popular, then THAT is pop music." BACH, CHOPIN, MOZART was pop music. SINATRA, ASTAIRE, COUNT BASSIE was pop music. ELVIS, HENDRIX, BEE GEES was pop music. THE CURE, MORRISSEY, MARIAH CAREY was pop music. BSB, NSYNC, GREEN DAY, DESTINYS CHILD was pop music. BLACKPINK, ARIANA, TAYLOR, 1D, LANA DEL REY, JASON DE RULO is pop music.
  10. Waiting for @evilentity coverage in #LanaRadio in the uncoverings of these incestuous~ web of record companies
  11. NEAL


    OMG! How many children do you have now, dude!
  12. NEAL


    I'm testing this feature... 1, 2, 1, 2.. has anyone seen @evilentity @FROGGO @YUNGATAlately? Woah it worked! @Elle darling thank you for all of these feature updates! How about a shoutbox eh? Hm, hm?
  13. NEAL


    Hahahaha, it's such a guilt free track for me, I just ran away with it. Ah dam, Lana grant some of your unreleased to BP, will ye?
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