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  1. Can somebody please send me a link of the full album with the best quality?
  2. Lana range used to be so high, i hate how much she lowered her voice in Mermaid Motel she sounds AMAZING
  3. The album is obviously going to end up with a final score of 70+, the reviews are very good only a few mixed.
  4. The L.A Times review just got added, still at 76 but it will go down after the Mojo and Chicago Tribute reviews are added.
  5. That was fast, it won't go down that much after the 2 mixed reviews are added because the positive one is pretty good.
  6. Oh i didn't knew that! Sputnikmusic gave the album a 3.5 btw (counts on Meta) and SoSoGay gave it a 4.4 (This one doesn't)
  7. Metacritic updated the score and it's now at: 78. PopMatters gave the album a 7/10 and it appears as an 80 on Meta lol, better for us i guess. The 405, Drowned In Sound, Exclaim, Pretty Much Amazing and L.A times reviews have not been updated yet.
  8. The thing i don't get is the bad reviewing of the lyrics, i think they are pretty cool....
  9. NME even has BTD in a list of the 101 albums you need to hear before you die.
  10. I don't feel like we're living in the same world, Lana receiving such a good reviews is so different from 2012 lol
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