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  1. this is truly this era's rock candy sweet/ american standarts and classics
  2. quick try the lanalnkto's
  3. i messed up tuesday with thursday lmao
  4. yall are tripping, they were probably playing an old song that she likes but i will say i'm going to be very shocked if she doesn't even post an indication of what ldr9 is on tuesday
  5. when "wordy conversational songs" means rap
  6. oh i'm ready for something music related on thursday. double birthday gift for lana and me
  7. hope it sounds like wayamaya
  8. i think she might keep the real special jack songs that they've made on the album because let's be honest when jack and lana do the good songs they're good good (venice bitch, mac, nfr, white dress)
  9. yes but you know what i mean, both of them flew under the radar compared to the rest of her discography. and it's not even about sales but about idk level of iconicness?
  10. glad new music is coming!! also, this might be an unpopular opinion, and i know she deserves to have full creative control, but after two "uncommercial" albums, i think interscope should push her to do something a little more different and perhaps commercial, if they aren't doing it right now. kate bush literally gave us her magnum opus while having pressure from her label, and i think lana is just doing what she wants, which is great, but i don't think she has enough pressure and edge to reinvent herself and come up with something new
  11. i ugly cried during the running up that hill scene. haven't cried that hard since s2 ep 4 of POSE
  12. we need a new iconic moment for her, last one was the selphie (or if you just want to count the real viral ones it was Q word F word T word C word )
  13. automatic writing is often associated with surrealism, so i'm excited to see in witch ways she might chanel this movement (schiaparelli collab please)
  14. i just think the constant hateful posts about anything related to jack are a bit too much. ofc i advocate for free speech but i've actually had a harder time listening to nfr because of the stuff i constantly read here maybe that's more about me then anyone but i just think we should be able to voice our opinions without exaggeration or repetition because it does get a little crazy at some point
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