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  1. oh she knows she fucking ate that photoshoot up and is about to serve her best album cover
  2. miss coconut is a bop idk what you're talking about
  3. i do think there's a possibility that what he means is that it's a similar sound, but he still loved it (hence being "surprised by how much he loved it")
  4. no matter what she announces on the 7th, it's 100% about LDR9/LDRX and NOT about a christmas album or covers album or whatever
  5. something is different about this era yall... every piece of info we got was from lana and lana only
  6. today has to be the day i mean we had crazy days in here before but i think this is the peak
  7. everyone on this forum and their mother is waiting for either insider tea or an official announcement. it's time.
  8. this is the best day of my life i'm killing myself tomorrow
  9. c'mon lana my asshole is already gaping GIVE IT TO ME
  10. we should've been discussing about the album info she spilled during an interview from that event she attended... no one asked her about it? smh
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