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  1. it's rounder and bigger on the sides
  2. why are yall still debating over whether or not it's going to be released in september do you not know the woman you stan
  3. friday? week? month? year? decade? we shall see
  4. can anyone post a photo gallery for this show? I love how she looked
  5. my deep cut is the melody on earthquakes when she says you can say what you rEEAAAlly want
  6. if she's not up to hiring a full orchestra she should retire young and beautiful ASAP. the live version without the violins really undermines this great song
  7. if her team can hop on the whole coquette/bows trends, they can know the songs that are viral online
  8. my dream tracklist i mean even with the ballads, she fully knows how loved both margaret and let the light in are, why the hell did she stick with bartender and arcadia??
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