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  1. honestly she seems to be much more interested in doing promotion for the album than the last two, i really think there's a possibility we might get other music videos after the album comes out
  2. hate that decision so i'll probably hate the mother censorship as well 😭
  3. finally some good fucking merch
  4. someone posted a video of a therapist reacting to a&w and she interpreted the cartwheel line as the loss of innocence, because when women are just girls, they don't care if their shirt or their dress lifts up when they're doing a cartwheel, but as they get older, they lose that carefreeness and innocence because of the sexualization that society inflicts. it actually made me appreciate that first line way more
  5. are the 3 last songs all traps beats though? cause i remember kintsugi saying a&w ends with a trap beat and i don't really agree, is it the same type of beat?
  6. when they heard the rosemead exclusive baby version of candy necklace... now that's glitch pop!
  7. i'm so glad even after it leaked candy necklace still remains a mystery until the 24th... iconic lore if you ask me
  8. honestly these reviewers just have to think of different ways to describe a song with the most unused words in the dictionary and "glitch pop" was what they thought worked
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