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  1. beautiful is a 5 minute track where she only uses her own voice as an instrument, besides the drums, that are full on reverb and almost silence her in an artistic way. the dynamics are insane and in the outro she hits her highest note. she speaks in french on the track but only to say "voulez vous coucher avec moi, c'est soir"
  2. violets for roses has a HTE type progression, starting with horns and orchestra drums and ending in an explosive way with distorted guitars and experimental electronic synths that go left and right on the headphones, combined with autotuned vocals where she belts crazier than dealer our minds
  3. IYLDWM is a bass/violin driven song. it has killer harmonies and lana's best bridge, a melody show off.
  4. let's not pretend lfl wasn't right about text book being the opener. ofc they're lying about BBS but so was BOZ about arcadia being a only piano song. they can still be reliable and it's not like they're giving great info anyway.
  5. what do you think the 5 unheard songs would fit in the rest of her discography based on the title only? Black Bathing Suit: Ultraviolence If You Lie Down With Me: Honeymoon Beautiful: Norman Fucking Rockwell! Violets For Roses: Lust For Life Sweet Carolina: Chemtrails Over The Country Club
  6. careful that one user will come for your and all of lanaboards' homophobia
  7. yeah we know we'll have them when the album drops but we want it now
  8. let's not make fun of people's grammar when english isn't their first language please
  9. so all vinyls will count as first week sales? we won
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