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  1. The 4/5 ones I agree. I do think its an 4/5 album or at least an 85/100. But the 3/5 I think are kinda low *for her*. For other artists, receiving a 3/5 is a good thing bc it’s the most that they’ll get, but for Lana I do think that it’s low and that something is wrong with it lol anyways I love the album and LOVED the gigwise critic❤️
  2. I dont know if it’s my favorite album, but it’s her most innovative and have some of her best lyrics. About the melodies (or lack of, as some of you are claiming): she still managed to work with it. It’s a tough work and she did it, and that’s innovative even for an alt-pop singer. She’s pushing boundaries. is it perfect? Idk, that’s personal. Maybe she’ll work with it in different ways– and I’m excited to see
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