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  1. Cant wait for my UO copy of NFR to arrive, so excited I finally got it
  2. Kinda off topic, but I just bought my copy of the UO edition of NFR, can't wait to have it on hands. It seems the store where I bought it have some copies in stock, let's hope they don't have to import it cause it would be a pain in the ass bc its a rare edition now. Next month I plan to buy the Target edition of COCC.
  3. Guess we won't get any other exclusive covers, right? Wish she released one with the picture from the COCC single on Spotify
  4. The original is way better, but the alternative cover should be THIS
  5. Probably the Paradise boxset which I bought just recently and the Interview Magazine. WIsh my biggest ISO could be the coke necklace, lyric book and Paradise Tour Book (would die to have this one) She could do this, it would be nice to have her selling posters. But as an alternative you can search this image on google, grab the biggest size you can find and them print it at a local store and hang it on your wall. It won't be official, but at least you would have the poster.
  6. If we get this as Walmart exclusive i'm also fucked because they don't deliver to Brazil as far as I know
  7. I didn't bought the standard cover vinyl yet cause i'm waiting for some store to bring a cover like this, let's hope we can get one in the next few days
  8. THIS would be beautiful. Imagine this red blood translucent vinyl with the b&w wolf cover, it would be her best artwork in the entire career
  9. Also known as Bible and Holy Grail of any Lana collection. Wish I had one too, but at the time it was released I wasn't working so I couldn't afford one and my parents would never buy it
  10. Who will bring us an exclusive cover with the wolf, based on the mv? Some store NEED to have a cover like this
  11. Can someone please contact Urban Outfitters and ask if they will have an alternative cover, please? I'm from Brazil and can't contact them, didn't found any email address.
  12. So where's the UO alternative cover? There will be one or not? If so, when they will drop it?
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