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  1. The fact that she and MGK had a collab and this shit never leaked (and probably never will bc I read somewhere that he said he deleted it from his computer). This song would've been a true bop, and I would live for it. He's my fave rapper and she's my fave singer, so...
  2. WTF I never heard about this??? Where this came from?
  3. Finally got my LFL and COCC vinyls on the mail today, i'm so happy. RN i'm listening to LFL (WTWWAW) and it sounds SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER than the cd, the sound it's crystal clear and I got a lot of details that we don't get on cd.
  4. I felt just like you. The bridge made me cry so much I'm here for it. TJF SUPREMACY
  5. I don't think it'll leak. As it is up for bidding, I bet the stakes are high and the person who's going to get it will have to spend A LOT of money as we still have 11 days before official release.
  6. But why the hell they gave the money back?
  7. Did someone here also got a refund out of nowhere from her official store? What can I do? I'm afraid I won't receive the boxset, plus her official store doesn't even have a page where we can ser the status of our orders. What a mess!
  8. I just got a refund, out of nowhere, on my credit card app regarding the boxset I bought on the Day pre-order came out. I'm afraid they won't send it to me as I'm in Brazil.
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