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  1. queen of aesthetics got lost bring this realness back
  2. at least Sylvia sounds better than Terrence Loves You
  3. 10:09 "No, I've got five that didn't- but- like- I have- the-" lmao Everything would be better if she didn't say the Unreleased album will be coming "at some point", that could mean her mid-30s
  4. Arzi

    Jake Bugg

    New album in September! King of delivering 1. How Soon The Dawn. 2. Southern Rain. 3.In The Event Of My Demise. 4. This Time. 5.Waiting. 6.The Man On Stage. 7. Hearts That Strain. 8.Burn Alone. 9. Indigo Blue. 10.Bigger Lover. 11. Every Colour in The World. I read How Soon The Dawn is the first single and it's coming next friday
  5. What time is she on? The podcast is almost 4 hours
  6. Arzi

    Get Free

    I never really noticed that I had to decide To play someone's game or to live my own life Those lyrics are gold! She should've deciced to go uptempo on more songs, but this is really an amazing song to end the album
  7. How are predictions of sales/BB debut going? just read 100k
  8. This cover is so unflattering, I thought there would be nothing worse than the booklet pictures in this era Maybe they just put a bad Neil pic on the cover so we wouldn't blame Chuck for taking such cheap pics of her
  9. The visuals we all ranted about VS. what we're getting now
  10. so sad there aren't any good pics in the whole booklet bring back neil's blurriness
  11. Arzi


    This will be THE BALLAD of the album
  12. I love the melody in Change, it already sounded brilliant from the IG snippet and always reminded me of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood!
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