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  1. indigo best songs are change pt.2 and wild flower
  2. dollanganger

    Taylor Swift

    uhh so somehow i've gotten this far without listening to more than a few seconds of midnights.. so im doing that right now.....
  3. faves: laurel hell by mitski, glitch princess by yeule, preacher's daughter by ethel cain, shunka ryougen by haru nemuri , & the gods we can touch by aurora
  4. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    fall is over shes sick
  5. idk anything about this era since im waiting for album drop. but i will be expecting a recreation of the subway scene for a music video
  6. i got their spotify artist message it was very cute
  7. how could yall have possibly found something else to argue about
  8. these all sound plausible to me .. i would want SM to pick them up but it seems like they cant even manage aespa soo
  9. went to Bones And All with my mom.. she went to the bathroom right before the sex in a cornfield scene so i got to have my gay thoughts in peace. it was a good movie
  10. this was all a warning to them too. #that company is fucking goofy if they dont think they're doomed now
  11. im pretty sure she can file another lawsuit for defamation this time and i hope she does. i want loona to go independent as soon as they can and welcome her back. it came out at the end of last month that chuu made her own company earlier this year too
  12. a lot of people saw this coming for a while because shes been excluded from everything but ??? chuu MAKES loona wtf?? and kicked for speaking out about mistreatment im pretty sure and they made something up about her being abusive. theyre nasty as fuck
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