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  1. i always felt like this was going to happen to most of these "upcoming sims competitors" still sad though. paralives and inzoi good luck soldiers
  2. how it feels when i skip past the second verse of gods country
  3. i dont even try to maximize profits that much
  4. this would be a win for me the only resident of wyoming
  5. stumbled on this while on letterboxd. got that feeling that i needed to watch it. surreal af i enjoyed it. this is the godfather for people who listen to ethel cain during blue hour
  6. i refuse to believe its fully lost somebody being greedy af or forgot they downloaded it
  7. i think about her every day
  8. dollanganger

    Taylor Swift

    spotify is down bitch i got other albums coming out tonight too
  9. yes you were there with courtney and lana and when you all shot up together the whole bus clapped and a man went up to you and said oppa homeless style
  10. the title makes us sound like bigfooters
  11. the way its fully cloudy today at least i lived in the best spot to see the 2017 eclipse
  12. YALL UPDATE DROPPED READ THIS SHT https://www.stardewvalley.net/stardew-valley-1-6-update-full-changelog/
  13. when he aint got no hair to pull during sex so u just start smacking his head
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