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  1. dollanganger

    Fall Out Boy

    me being the first person on this topic in 10 yrs is killing me but anyway the new album is pretty good i yassed they were my first concert when i was twelve and are very special 2 me.. mania wasn't as bad as people made it out to be (it still wasnt Good) but im so happy they listened to the feedback and mostly went back on their older sounds on stardust it's apparently supposed to be what they might have made after folie a deux if the first hiatus didnt happen ? also them releasing an album on the same day as lana both with songs titled kintsugi is really funny LMAO
  2. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    yeah when i realized that if she had released an album every other year we would be on number FIVE by now... i felt sick. i am through and through A Film Guy but to be real these movies can go to hell
  3. want to highlight this film i just finished cause its not well known... starstruck 1982. it's an australian musical comedy about a girl trying to become a singer and her little cousin/manager. i think the production designer also did rocky horror which shows a lot in my opinion lol. it's very 80s and new wave and i just had a lot of fun with it :3 its in better quality on tubi but heres a youtube upload
  4. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    K-12 definitely feels like something that should have been released in 2017. it was too late for it by 2019. this has all been fumbled so disastrously
  5. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    exactly. we ALL know that leaks happen to melanie because she locks up most of her good music and then released a shit stain on her discography after 4 years of silence and its really looking like she's pulling the same stunt again. i just need her to start being serious
  6. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    most of the screen being a sea of phones and balloons.. and it sounds like shes struggling to even finish the lines. . im not watching this shit
  7. this is killing me. sm just be doing shit
  8. yall have lost your fucking minds whats wrong with you. need this thread to wrap up fast because there's black mold growing here and its giving everyone brain damage
  9. releasing these singles for this project (?) a year apart is so fjsjjdkdkksks she killed it though
  10. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    one of these shits better be needle and thread
  11. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    is it not bladešŸ˜­
  12. dollanganger

    Melanie Martinez

    ok that cover is kinda eating..
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