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  1. just finished listening to all their albums
  2. so i started playing sims 2 earlier this year and fell very hard for it im in love.. it took a while to get it to work but i figured it out (acottonsock you will always be famous). the cas isnt great but it runs better than sims 4 ever did and its wayyyyyyy more fun. everyone was right. i probably played more hours of sims 2 in a month than i played sims 4 in total but ive been wanting to play the other games, and the other week i found a perfect condition ts3 cd at goodwill. my laptop doesnt have a disc drive and i was scared the cd was in good condition because the owner used the code to play instead, and my fears came true....i know my laptop probably wouldnt even run it - thats why i got ts2 in the first place - but making me install the EA app just for nothing is sick & twisted. and then today i wanted to play ts4 just for the cas so i reinstalled after years to discover my shitty processor doesnt even meet the minimum requirements anymore and it keeps crashing on launch so i got mad and pirated sims 1. lets see where this started
  3. im gonna run these ones into the ground
  5. ive always felt like there's something extremely dark about mrbeast idk what but i do not like it at all
  6. longer version of holes of albinos on here https://nicoledollanganger-songs.tumblr.com
  7. the different season colors i neeedit
  8. I love this game so much its everything 2 me there is no greater comfort than that opening theme..i started almost 2yrs ago and i just had a pirated version of the app but i loved it so much i bought the app and the steam version too. i have over 100hrs (year 4) on my main save. eventually i'd like to make it to perfection which is a late game mechanic but i'm not trying to speedrun it lol. i also want to try the board game (Yes!!!!) at some point
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