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  1. I believe Prom Song (Gone Wrong) was recommended to me on YouTube back in 2012. I immediately fell in love with that poppy Lana and wanted to find more until like 2014 I genuinely thought her unreleased material (Puppy Love, Hollywood's Dead, Damn You, Velvet Crowbar, etc. etc.) was way better than BTD.
  2. Just listened, absolutely love it. They don't carry that emotional punch that TYLS/DC has, at least not on first listen, but I'm so glad to have back the unmistakable BH melancholy and dreaminess
  3. I'm SO excited my absolute fave band of all time. We're eating good girls!
  4. sweetie


    I love this so much! Faves: When You Danced With Me, I Can Be That Woman, Bumblebee, Ode to Freedom. Just beautiful! Feels like a natural followup to The Visitors, and the perfect closer to their discography.
  5. Experiencing this was the pinnacle of my career as a Lana stan I remember a little elusive snippet of JFK had been circulating across the Tumblr blogs for a bit. It was hotly anticipated just like Roses (which turned out to be a snooze ngl). The DRAMA that unfolded that night in July 2013 when it was made known that Rick Nowels had been uploading unleaked demos on his wordpress blog which the public could access. Girls scurried left & right to download them before he took them down I vividly remember staying up until sunrise listening to Angels Forever, Forever Angels & Black Beauty for the first time after they were found on Rick's site, truly a spiritual moment I'll never forget it.
  6. It's impossible to rank this album. I've had so many special moments with each and every song. Even 24 - the last minute & a half is GODLY. This album is truly her magnum opus
  7. After a week of listening, the only songs that I keep going back to: 1. Violets for Roses 2. Black Bathing Suit 3. Thunder 4. If You Lie Down With Me Beautiful tracks! Definitely being added to my LDR Faves playlist
  8. Those are beautiful songs yeah - but they're literally the only good songs on COCC. It should have been an EP re-release of NFR. BB is able to stand on its own a bit better with a larger range of listenable songs.
  9. Not really, a few songs leaked the day before while the rest was released at midnight in NZ
  10. You're getting clowned on for this but I fear you have a point. Solar Power and Happier Than Ever didn't leak either. Whatever the labels are doing lately, it seems to be working.
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