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  1. I absolutely do not feel bad about this!!! take down Sadness from Inside Out for world peace as well
  2. do we have ANYTHING that proves that she was going from Las Vegas to LA living a chaotic life with her boyfriend? You know, lounging at the Chateau Marmont and gambling? I feel like we have no pictures, videos, posts, nothing from this time.
  3. lmdr

    Ice Cream

    I scream You scream
  4. Well they sort of lived to tell their story, some were in ldr.fm as users or mods but well… we know how that ended
  5. lmdr

    Remy Bond

    just plain, unauthentic, and tacky. she might make a good song, but I cannot get past her obvious copying.
  6. Honeymoon 1. Honeymoon 2. Terrence Loves You 4. Music to Watch Boys to 5. Freak 6. Art Deco 7. Salvatore 8. 24 9. The Blackest Day 10. Religion 11. California 12. God Knows I Tried 13. Swan Song (an acoustic guitar version)
  7. lmdr

    Instagram Updates

    iirc they met at a vegan convention
  8. Born to Die Born to Die Blue Jeans Video Games Million Dollar Man Diet Mountain Dew Radio Carmen Without You Summertime Sadness National Anthem Hundred Dollar Bill Off to the Races Lolita (Bonus Track) This Is What Makes Us Girls (Bonus Track) Lucky Ones (Bonus Track) Dark Paradise, you did not make the cut.
  9. THIS. “MOTORCYCLE LOVE DIVINE” title totally sounds like a Lizzy Grant EP
  10. convinced that this song is about Barrie. “you think you’re Hunter S. Thompson… I think you’re fucking crazy” DRAGGED him.
  11. and that’s EXACTLY why I LOOOOVE Pamela’s makeup and despise Etienne’s. She does NOT need all of that overdone makeup he does on her, especially that horrible lip liner
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