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  1. Masochism


    iiiiiiii loveeeeeee the ways she puts easter eggs everywhere when she's about to start a new era. i'm so here for a new album
  2. can elle lock this thread or something and unlock it (by charli xcx) when we get actual news? thanks
  3. it's really not about sucking his dick, it's about moving the fuck on. get over him, his tweets, his posts and everything regarding him. you don't like him and what he does or says? forget it, ignore it, do something better instead of always getting so butt-hurt anytime he says something
  4. this forum is stuck in some infernal circle or something because this shit happens like every 2-3 months. y'all really love to attack people out of boredom, don't y'all? just get over the underage pics thing and move on, gosh, it was never a thing and i still don't get how you believed it from the start. instead of wasting time accusing people in this useless thread just do something better guys, go out, drink some water, read a book and stop becoming obsessive over some tweets and lack of news. bye.
  5. Masochism

    Kim Petras

    yes, i'm pming you all the link cause i'm a good boi but it's really easy to google it and find it by now. it's up on [removed], for example mod note: user was warned for this post
  6. Masochism

    Kim Petras

    it slaps wow broken was found dead
  7. Masochism

    Kim Petras

    same pls i sent the link to, like, everyone last time with broken. return the favor hoes mod note: user was warned for this post
  8. Masochism

    Kim Petras

    you know what to do
  9. Masochism

    Kim Petras

    i hope got my number is less trap influenced and more bubblegum pop type of song like her older ones. i mean, i love boken too but if she can take her bubblegum sound to another level we're gonna stan forever
  10. Masochism

    Charli XCX

    i just love the way she describes each track. i love her so much and her taste is excellent. we really stan a legend, don't we?
  11. Masochism

    Lykke Li

    they look so hot together
  12. Masochism


    and YOU CAN CALL ME T HA T BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Masochism


    it’s gonna be so good ughhhh
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