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  1. Charlottexseax

    Charli XCX

    woah its actually crazy I remember comparing her to Marina a bunch of months ago and they were both at 10 mil, she almost doubled omg EDIT: most of it are probably from Out Out tho
  2. this actually gives me hope omg stan shit aside, she truly revolutionized her genre and it’d be a shame if all her material got lost to time because no one bothered to make it available to the public
  3. not to sound macabre but i was hoping with her death they were gonna release transnation to celebrate her and commemorate what happened (and also bc labels are greedy and wanna make money) are there any chances of that happening?
  4. Charlottexseax

    Charli XCX

    I don’t think she could’ve afforded the features/production on those album if those had been first projects, and if she ever did it wouldn’t have had nearly as much recognition
  5. Is it just me or was Melanie more famous during CB? It seemed like she was everywhere during that era, IDK...
  6. Charlottexseax

    Azealia Banks

    thanks!! I’m kinda sad that ain’t know and Venus (and the other bops that are supposed to be on F2) are not gonna be there But honestly at this point anything is fine I just want her to release something
  7. Charlottexseax

    Azealia Banks

    One thing I don’t understand is: are we still getting the old Fantasea II tracks (Venus, Ain’t know, etc) and the same cover? like is this the same project but just… with new songs and more hopes of it being released?
  8. Charlottexseax

    Charli XCX

    GO is a bop don’t get me wrong but I hope the album has more in store for us than a bunch of 2-minute songs with no bridge and the same hook over and over
  9. Pacify Her is still that bitch whew chile ! she couldn’t have gone off any harder Pacify Her, Tag, You’re It and Mrs. Potato Head the holy trinity of CB
  10. Charlottexseax

    Charli XCX

    yes omg it LITERALLY feels like yesterday when I woke up to 1999 and I listened to it while having breakfast before going to school 😭 I can’t believe almost 2 years have passed what
  11. Charlottexseax


    Dominoes is probably the catchiest song on the album omg I hate how catchy it is
  12. When is Jada/Close Friends leaking? Come on can some 12 yo steal their mummy’s credit card and buy it
  13. Charlottexseax


    i absolutely agree on this, his fiona apple review was all over the place and he clearly didn't bother reading the lyrics twice, and the same happened with many more female singers, but i do think he raised some good points when it comes to how the satire on SP falls flat
  14. Charlottexseax


    Fantano gave it a 4/10
  15. Charlottexseax


    Yeah but she also never promoted SP so she clearly has a contract that allows her to do whatever she wants
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