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  1. A&W, Candy Necklace and Taco Truck being the holy trinity… rightfully so The people have spoken
  2. This album would have been better if she cut some of the slow piano songs. Ballads always hit harder when they’re a minority on the album, too much of it becomes stale. I really feel like this album has/had so much potential but she stuck to her comfort zone (w the exception of Fingertips, Peppers, A&W, maybe TT). It’s missing something for me.
  3. Hopefully she’ll put the piano ballads and family talk to rest. Drop Jack and all of the other yes-men. Work w new genres and more guitars We can only dream
  4. Both of them need to escape out of Lana’s basement studio prison asap
  5. The album’s a 9/10 for me but i don’t see myself listening to the whole album as much as just the more upbeat songs bcs sad songs just ruin my mood and I’m already depressed
  6. this king reacted to all her videos and even Lizzy Grant, which he also owns a LP of. But of course you racists will never give credit to the real kings
  7. I’ve been asleep dor 7 hours, can someone tell me what happened in the meantime pls
  8. It’s about balance babe, i wake up listening to Peppers to set the good mood, then at nighttime i close the day off crying to Fingertips
  9. So i see some of you girlies are rly that depressed that y’all can’t enjoy a fun simple masterpiece like Peppers… that’s sad
  10. The real question is what are insiders gonna do now that all of us have access to the album?
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