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  1. Mod note: User was banned for this post
  2. She just sits in a studio singing into a mic its not like she produces or mixes the entire album… y’all make it seem like she’s slaving away just for our satisfaction Music is her hobby not her job, her job is to keep us entertained
  3. Sooo no one here is complaining abt Lana doing nothing after the album release? Yall just let her sit on her big ass and vape while we have to get crumbs
  4. Lana do something why is she acting dead like she didn’t just drop a album
  5. Who said that? Maybe if you and the person who liked your post had the mental capacity to understand context and nuances you would know that I was referring to the wildness and experimentation of A&W rather than the sound. That’s on you you concluded I want an album full of the same songs. Bye felicia @Mer @Fingertips you two faggots are embarrassing Mod Mote: User was warned for this post
  6. Every person who denies is this just truly trying to convince themselves it’s not true. Lana needs to do something new, and no OB didn’t include anything new.
  7. I feel like NFR was able to convey more musical exellence just with the first half of the tracks alone than all of Ocean Blvd with its 16 tracks However, OB is much more better with the lyrics and conveying emotions It’s truly like a older sister to NFR
  8. The original AK Wanderlust is miles more magical and passionate than what we got for Fishtail. Like I was disappointed…
  9. Maybe bcs half of the album is kinda inaccessible and doesn’t have replay value unless you wanna torture yourself with trauma dumping (although it remains beautiful) Or that A&W was the most innovative and best song but we already received it in February so the hype for it on album release date wasn’t strong. Taco Truck was also severely overhyped.
  10. Guys i think the tracklisting actually makes sense. She opens the album with her talking about her family, trauma (The Grants, A&W), running away and reflecting upon her life (Kintsugi & Fingertips), then she realises in Paris, Texas that it’s actually time to go home and enjoy life So then we have tracks like Let The Light In and Margaret, which are more uplifting and then transitioning into fun tracks like Peppers and Taco Truck, where’s she’s finally back home in Venice, California and enjoying life.
  11. My tracklist rearrangement: 1 The Grants 2 Ocean Blvd 3 Sweet 4 AW 5 Candy Necklace 6 Jon Batiste Interlude 7 Fishtail 8 Peppers 9 Paris, Texas 10 Grandfather 11 Kintsugi 12 Fingertips 13 Let The Light In 14 Margaret 15 Taco Truck x VB and yes i left out the pastor interlude intentionally
  12. Guys what year is Madly from, i wanna group it with Tropico
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