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  1. serenequ33n

    Taylor Swift

    I'm so curious if she will be a surprise guest for any of the LA shows! I'm going tomorrow (Friday) and I don't think Lana is preforming Lollapalooza until Sunday right? SO maybe there is a possibility
  2. I've been watching tiktoks from this performance and constantly crying all day She looks SO happy to be in her element again, with her fans, singing her heart out omg
  3. Her best music video ever. I can't stop thinking about it!
  4. Born To Die Cruel World Honeymoon Norman Fucking Rockwell Ride Kill Kill White Dress The Grants Love Text Book
  5. My bestie lives in Topanga and she was in the store at the same time as her! She texted me while she was in the dressing room LOL She said Evan was with her and she was trying on lace dresses
  6. Thought I'd share my favorite lyrics Kill Kill: love you, I do, stay here, I won't, the stars fade from your eyes Queen of the Gas Station: Look at you smokin' in the neon lights, under the thunder yo you look so nice Oh Say Can You See: The headlights from passin' cars, they illuminate my face and leave me the dark, the voice of Nirvana says, "Come as you are" Gramma (blue ribbon sparkler trailer heaven): Don't cry, honey, crazy girl, don't you know you are the world? For K, Pt. 2: The way you stand up and your silhouette glows, I'm electrified, I'll be up all night now Jump: All shot at 2 a.m., You got the grin of a very old man Mermaid Motel: Buy my purple wig for my mermaid video, Walk back to where I live in my motel on Neptune (Avenue) Raise Me Up (Mississippi South): Hold my head, it's tiltin' back, Somethin' dancin' me around, Puttin' crystals on my neck, Liftin' my feet off the ground Pawn Shop Blues: And I don't mind livin' on bread and oranges, no, no, But I got to get to and from where I come, And it's gon' take money to go Brite Lites: The film is fading, look at me Put Me in a Movie: Lights, camera, acción, You know I can't make it on my own Smarty: Keep out the stars, turn out the lights,This little world is yours tonight Yayo: Hello, heaven, you are a tunnel lined with yellow lights, On a dark night
  7. I need to play the Hollywood Bowl again it was the best I'm too old for these nasty festivals
  8. So far this song stands out the most to me. I can't wait to hear everyone's interpretations. Gorgeous poetry and vulnerability.
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