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  1. Good for them. Also let's tell them playing dangerous is on the set list for Brazil in may and see the interactions roll in
  2. God I really hope she does some other shows as well in the states and other places so everyone gets a chance to see her. I know I am far too broke to travel to brazil
  3. I’m so glad somebody finally made this a thread. ATRL laughs at us, we laugh at Reddit, Reddit laughs at tik tok. It’s simply the food chain
  4. Omg wait really?!!?! now i'm comforted knowing my LFL is here to stay
  5. Luckily I do know that but I know the site is limited to the number of themes so I just hope the DYKTTATUOB theme doesn't take the spot of the current LFL theme
  6. When the new theme goes live please don't delete the LFL theme this is my safe space
  7. Unrelated but since this thread is deceased now what did you think of the Beyonce show in Dubai? From the posts I saw it was otherworldly
  8. @PARADIXO I believe @lustforlife was banned for leaking Watercolor Eyes or another song that was soon to be released.
  9. I honestly still can't believe we're getting an entire album in Dolby Atmos. I feel like American Whore is going to transcend me into the 6th dimension
  10. Thank you for uploading the HQ's I truly love Neil, he has such a talent
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