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  1. For K


    I was revisiting an old Lana show I attended and I remembered she talked about the addition of this song to Lust for Life and how it extended the album release by five months. Just thought it was interesting
  2. For K

    Instagram Updates

    Agreed, and I feel like her putting that picture of her with the Glock was a perfect way to jokingly state her feelings towards the whole situation. Best way to end things and just continue on to better things
  3. For K

    Charles Grant

    If jack produced this I’ll have a coronary
  4. For K

    Charles Grant

    I love Charlie for being the grungy, might-smell-bad, hunk he is but I agree with what others have said; his poems on IG have been… um anyway. Hopefully it’s good but it just doesn’t seem like something he’s been interested in before…. We’ll see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Anyway stay tuned for the Brits March 2nd. She definitely won’t show up but maybe she’ll win
  6. Taylor Swift I will never speak ill of you in my life
  7. Watching this is like one of those dreams where you’re running and go nowhere
  8. Was thinking about adding cable to my internet package since it’s kinda cheap… no thanks!
  9. For K

    Taylor Swift

    I ordered the Collector’s CD Thingy. It was a decent price for how much stuff it comes with. Not a die hard Taylor fan but her music is fun to listen to
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